Text message marketing templates

Text Message Templates

If you are just starting off with your SMS marketing, asking yourself what to include in your text message is a legitimate question. You have only so many characters before you run out of space, so your text messaging templates should be trimmed down to only 160 characters. It is a tricky ground to be on as, in this case, it is hard to determine what is important information that needs to be included in the SMS message and what is trivial that should be left out.

Moreover, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect text message as far SMS marketing is concerned. However, do not let this discourage you. Fortunately for you, there are many free SMS templates that have proven their worth in terms of efficiency. You do not necessarily need to reinvent the wheel. Rather you can tweak the existing formula to better accommodate your needs.

SMS templates for marketing are in abundance. Some are better crafted than the others regarding their efficiency and ability to be eye-catching. Others are more lackluster in comparison. The best text messaging templates have a couple of elements in common a powerful call-to-action trigger, sender’s name, ID and phone number. Depending on the content of the text message, every so often they can also include a link to the sender’s website. Regardless of whether you need SMS templates for promotion or a different purpose, we have got you covered.

SMS Templates for Retail
Discounts by Season
Get an EXTRA 20% off all summer items. Only a few days. In-store & on our website at www.companywebsite.com.
Discounts by Category
Up to 30% off all running shoes & more. Order online today www.companywebsite.com.
Daily Discount
15% off in-store purchases this Thursday only. Show this text in-store and get 15% off your purchase.
Weekly Discount
Don’t miss your chance to get an extra 20% off all collection. Only this week! Check our products on our website www.companywebsite.com.
Customer Loyalty
Only for our loyal customers! Show this text in our stores and get 20% off your purchase.
Text Messaging Templates for Restaurants
Daily Lunch Coupon
Show this SMS for free coffee or tea with any purchase. Enjoy your time! “Restaurant Name”.
Dinner Confirmation
Just remind you that you have a reservation scheduled for this evening at 7 PM. Enjoy your dinner!
Special for This Week
Only this week you can try our chef’s special plates at discounted prices. Show this text and get your 25% off only at “Restaurant Name”.
Dessert for Free
Buy dinner for two and get a free dessert at every Wednesday. Only at “Restaurant Name”. Make your reservation via our site www.companywebsite.com.
Special Discount for Students
Enjoy your lunch between 12 pm and 3 pm, show your student card and benefit 15 % off.
SMS Templates for Hotels
Greeting Messages
Welcome to “Hotel Name”! We believe you like your stay with us. If you have any question we will assist you with pleasure.
Good day “Name”! We confirm your reservation at “Hotel Name“ from “Arrival Date” to “Departure Date”. For more information about your booking please visit “Link to Reservation”.
Booking Reminder
Hello, “Name”! Your reservation for “Hotel Name” starts on “Date” at “Hour”. Enjoy your vacation.
Customer Loyalty
Hello “Name” It’s been a long time we didn’t see you in our hotel. We have a special offer for you. Till the end of the month stay for one night in our hotel and get the second one for free.
Special Discounts
Happy anniversary “Name”! We prepare a great gift for you! You have 30% off on your next stay. You can use it for two months. “Hotel Name”.
SMS Templates for Real Estate
Greeting After Subscription
Hi, “Name”! Thank you for joining our newsletters. Are you looking for selling a home or to buy it?
General Promotion
Hey “Name” We have new houses which will be interesting for you. Please follow the link to find the best one for you www.companywebsite.com.
Open Door Invitation
Hello “Name” This Friday at 1-4PM we have open door house at “Street Name”. If you’re interested please register in our web site before 12 PM.
Text Messaging Templates for Financial
Balance Information
“Bank Name”: Your current balance is $586,43. For more information visit www.bankwebsite.com.
Low-Balance Notification
Your account is in the risk of going overdrawn. Your current balance is $0.06. “Bank Name”.
Payment Notification
Please notice: you have missed your last monthly payment. Please call us with this number: “Bank Number”.
Action Alerts
Your payment to Amazon has been made on 21/02/19 for the amount of $38,95. Now your balance stands at $79,46.
SMS Templates for Travel Agencies
Weekly Discounts
Good day “Name”, We found new destinations for you. Book a trip during this week and get 20% off www.companywebsite.com.
New Year Promotion
Hey “Name”, Check out top 10 travel destinations for 2019. Original ideas for our faithful customers. www.companywebsite.com.
Daily Promotion
Hey “Name”, Find out flights to “Destination” from “Price”. Hurry up! Available tickets are limited. www.companywebsite.com.
Text Messaging Templates for Healthcare Industry
Daily Advice
Eating a healthy breakfast daily helps you to lose weight. Remember to drink a lot of fluid. Wish you the best of health.
Appointment Reminder
Dear “Name”, You have an appointment with Dr. “Surname” at 1 PM. Please make sure you will be at “ hospital name” at the right time.
Test Results Notification
We already have your lab test results. Please login to your account and see the results “www.clinicwebsite.com”.
SMS Templates for Salons
Appointment Reminder
Hey “Name”, You have an appointment at 3:30 pm on Friday, 17 May. Glad to see you here! “Salon Name”.
Only today! “Salon Name” gives you a free haircut if you come to us with your BFF.
Special Services
Happy Birthday “Name”! We have a special birthday gift for you. During the upcoming 30 days by using our services you will get 20% off your purchase.
Dear “Name”, Let’s figure out how to have soft skin. We are inviting you to participate in our free seminar with Dr. “Surname” this Wednesday at 4 PM.
Text Messaging Templates for Insurance Agencies
Payment Notification
Hello “Name”, You have a reminder that your “Insurance Type” insurance is ending at 26.05.2019. You can pay by following this link: “www.companyweb.com”.
Supporting Notification
Hi “Name”, If you have a picture of your accident please send it to us. That will be helpful to figure your claim faster.
Supporting Notification
Hello “Name”, Thanks for joining us. I’m “Name” your insurance agent and will be happy to assist you if there will be any question.
Templates for Nonprofit Organizations
Donation Suggestion
By donating only $5 you’ll help us to take care of homeless animals for a whole week! Donating is more easy with our website: “www.companyweb.com”.
Event Suggestion
Join our summer running marathon and help donate all money to homeless people in “Town Name”. Your help is important to us! For more information: “www.companyweb.com”.
Utilize Texting to Communicate with Your Staff
Kind Reminder
Dear colleagues, We want to inform you that we have a team meeting on Friday at 3 PM. Your attendance is mandatory.
For New Employees
Hey “Name”, We are happy to see you joining our team . Hope you can find your great place in our company. Feel free if you have any question. Cheers!
Transactional SMS Templates
Schedule Information
Your “Company Name” code is 260706. Please close this message and enter the code into your “Company Name” and activate your account.
Purchase Notification
Your order is on its way! Thank you for shopping with us! “Company Name”.
SMS Templates for Events
Account Activation
We are happy to see you in the biggest project management event of the year. Check the full schedule in our portal: “Portal link” “Event Organization’s Name”.
Take your friend to the “Event Name” and get 20% off your ticket. Bring three of them and get 50% off. Discover more about our event program at www.companywebsite.com.
Reservation Confirmations
Your payment for tree tickets at the “Event Name” has been prepared. See you later!
SMS Templates for Admission Open
Admission Notification
Dear Mr/Mrs. “Parent Surname”, Please provide admission form with the registration fee before 4 May 2019. “School Name”, “Region”.
Payment Notification
Dear Mr/Mrs. “Parent Surname”, Our program shows that you have not paid your Fall tuition. Final chance to pay is this Friday. Your lessons may be abandoned if payment is unsure. If you have any question please ask us! “School Name”.
SMS Templates for E-Commerce
Parcel Delivery
Hi “Name Surname”, We’ve got your parcel and will deliver it today between 11 AM and 1 PM to this location “Customer Address”. You can connect with your courier at this number. “Company Name”.
New Collection Discount
15% off your next purchase for the new collection. Use the coupon Newin Store during your next shop to get a discount. Check out new products in our catalog: link for the catalog. “Company Name”.
Account Activation
Hello “Client Name”, Thank you for picking the “Company Name”! For your account activation please follow this link: the account activation link.
SMS Templates for School
“Kid Name, Surname” was away today without earlier warning. Please send your kid with the Leave Letter. “School Name”, “Region”.
Parent Meeting
Dear “Parent Name”, Please be sure that you’ll be able to attend the parent-teacher meeting on Thursday at 5 PM. “School Name”, “Region”.
Holiday Notice
Dear “Parent Name”, Please be informed that our school will be closed on Date of Month 2019 due to a national holiday.
SMS Templates for Coaching Classes
Kind Reminder
Dear Student, Your “Course Name” lessons scheduled to start on Monday 20 May 2019 at 11 AM. Thanks for joining us! “Training Institution Name”.
Score Notification
Dear Student, Congratulations! You got A grade for your “Exam Name”. “Training Institution Name”.
Holiday Notice
Dear Student, Your “Course Name” exam has been scheduled on 25 May, 3 PM. Please be there at the right time. Good luck! “Training Institution Name”.
Text Message Appointment Reminder Template
Meeting Reminder
Just a reminder from “Company Name” about your appointment on “Date” at “Time”. If you want to reschedule please call “Company Number”.
Appointment with Doctor
Dear “Client Name” You have an appointment reserved with Mr/Mrs “Doctor Surname” on “Date/Time”.
SMS Templates for Customer Service
Gift to Customer
Dear “Customer name”, We have a special offer for you! By showing this message in our stores you can have a unique gift from us.
Customer Feedback
Dear “Customer Name”, Thanks for visiting our store and get one of the Eco-friendly models of car. On a scale from 0-10, how much you like our shop and recommend it to your friend.

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