Wholesale SMS Solution
for Enterprises

Dexatel offers global coverage with its SMS wholesale solution. As a leading SMS provider with connections to hundreds of operators worldwide, we offer wholesale services at affordable prices and ensure sustainability in our work.

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We also recommend SMS wholesale to businesses that use transactional text messages for targeting customers — in this case, it is absolutely necessary to buy SMS messages in bulk because you will be sending a lot of transactional text messages to your clients. Therefore, purchasing wholesale service prevents driving up the costs. In addition, it saves you from the extra trouble of buying SMS messages each time you need them.

SMS API for Wholesale Customers

Access to all the features of Dexatel platform by integrating our wholesale SMS API (learn more here) into your own application or software.

Wholesale SMS Gateway

Send or receive SMS messages from cloud communications networks which are then directed to mobile phone networks.

Wholesale SMS Pricing

Dexatel offers the most competitive, yet affordable wholesale SMS pricing. With us, the more messages you buy, the lower the SMS price gets due to wholesale rates.

Dexatel aims to build a better future where technology creates good connections and communication for everyone and everywhere.