The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Auto-Reply to Text Messages

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Sep 8, 2022

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What Are Auto-Response Texts

When to Send Auto-Reply to Text Messages

How to Set Up Auto-Reply to Text Messages on iPhone

iPhone Auto-Text Reply to Calls

How to Set Up Auto-Reply Text on Android

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No one likes being ghosted, especially customers who have come to expect immediate responses from businesses and service providers. Slow response times can lead to customer dissatisfaction, friction between your teams, and lost sales. Auto-reply texts are a great tool for delivering fast, on-demand information to your customers and assuring them of being heard—even when you can’t respond right away.

But auto-replies aren’t just placeholders until a live person takes over; they are your first line of contact (and first impression) that can generate leads, boost engagement with text marketing, and much more. While auto-replies can be a powerful tool, they can also be helpful in mitigating the effects of text messages delayed.

We’ll give you a quick rundown of what auto-response texts are, when and how to send them, and how to set up automatic text replies on Dexatel, iPhone, and Android.

What Are Auto-Response Texts

Auto-response texts are automated text messages that are sent when a certain action—like a signup or support inquiry—takes place without manual input. SMS auto-responders allow you to send instant, automated text messages to specific keywords in the customer’s message. 

For instance, if a customer texts you about your business hours, an auto-response can be sent with all the relevant information—and you don't even have to look at the phone.

Your SMS platform will instantly send an automatic reply message to any type of inquiry based on any predefined action or criteria—you just need to tell it when. It's also important to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong with the platform or your device. One way to ensure that your messages are always backed up is by using an SMS backup app.

When to Send Auto-Reply to Text Messages

Auto-reply text messages serve a lot of functions, but they’re most often used to provide instant information or confirm a subscription, purchase, or other action that requires validation, usually through an SMS blast.

Auto-replies acknowledge and reassure your customers, so they are best used in a friendly and helpful tone that lets them know their message has been received. And if they should expect further contact from you, tell them when to expect it.

Remember that this is your first line for customer support and inquiries, so an immediate response goes a long way towards making customers feel valued. Before a person can get in touch, you can auto-send relevant information or link to your FAQ section.

Your auto-replies can even be used to cross-sell or promote another product. You can get creative and use the waiting time to inform and engage your customers in more than one way.

How to Set Up Auto-Reply to Text Messages on iPhone

If you’re thinking about how to set up auto-reply text messages on your iPhone as an individual user, you’re in luck. You don’t have to use an SMS platform to do this—iOS allows you to auto-reply to text messages on iPhones so you won't be disturbed while driving.

Setting Up Auto-Reply on iPhone

The iPhone text message auto-reply is quite simple to set up:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Focus
  3. Tap on Driving
  4. Select Auto-Reply
  5. Choose to send auto-replies to either All Contacts, Recents, Favorites, or No One.
  6. Customize or leave the default auto-reply message

iPhone Auto-Text Reply to Calls

Besides auto-replying to specific phone numbers with iPhones, you can also send automated responses to calls. You can set up an iPhone auto-text reply to ignore a call with the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Phone
  3. Tap on Respond With text under Calls
  4. Create auto-replies under Respond With

How to Set Up Auto-Reply Text on Android

It’s not just iOS that offers this feature—you can also set up auto-reply texts on Android phones. However, you will have to download third-party apps from the Play Store to set it up for incoming texts.

SMS Auto Reply/Autoresponder

This app allows you to text auto-replies on Android phones when you are busy, in a meeting, on vacation, out of the office, or for any other reason.

You can set up several auto-responses—for driving, sleeping, meetings, and more—and have your Android send auto-text messages.


WhatsAuto allows you to text auto-replies on Androids and is compatible with WhatsApp and SMS messaging services. Common automated responses such as "I'm busy, text you later" or "Can't talk now" give you the freedom to not respond right away while still informing the sender that you will get back to them shortly.

Do It Later

Another excellent Android app for sending automated responses is Do It Later. It's simple to set up WhatsApp messages, calls, or SMS for later delivery. You may schedule when auto-replies are sent using this feature. Moreover, Do It Later allows you to establish Voice Reminders, which aid in helping you remember duties and ensure that you never miss a text.

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While there are many different SMS services out there with basic auto-reply features, the best ones give you the flexibility to personalize your messages and make your recipients feel truly seen.

Try Dexatel’s business text messaging platform for free and see how we make texting truly personal by setting up an auto-reply.