How To Use MMS Marketing

Mar 18, 2020
MMS Marketing

At the turn of the new decade, the use of digital marketing has reached an all-time high. It seems like everyone knows how to use some form of PPC or PPV marketing. However, as these non-traditional forms of media become increasingly saturated, many marketers are looking for new and untapped niches to focus their efforts on. One promising culprit, which has already shown great prowess, is the use of MMS digital marketing.

So How To Use MMS Marketing?

Given the unique nature of MMS, brands and businesses have a lot more technical and creative freedom. This has the potential to exponentially grow brand awareness, improve ROI, and decrease CPC. There are several ways you should be using MMS in marketing but here are four points outlined below:

  1. Use Targeted Promotions
  2. Offer Smart-Coupons
  3. Present Exclusive Content
  4. Improve Customer Experience

Read below to find out the details on how to best use MMS to further your marketing efforts. We will also dive into a few real-life examples of brands making millions from smart MMS campaigns.

Using MMS Marketing

Text-based advertising was fairly stagnant after the email-marketing era right up until Messenger allowed marketers to create bots that virtually interacted with potential leads and customers. While text or message-based promotions were nothing new, it did present a unique insight into the world of direct and user-specific marketing that had a strong focus on the social aspect of social media.

Of course, this begs the question, why stop there? In comes a full-fledged digital take on text-based marketing with MMS. MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service is a standard messaging outlet with a focus on allowing users to send and receive longer and larger forms of media over a cellular network. As opposed to SMS, which only allows for around 160 characters, multimedia lets people share videos, images, and texts over 1600 characters.

With around 97% of mobile device owners able to use MMS, the potential for its integration into marketing practices is virtually endless. The best part, because the software is still very much in its growth phase, you don’t have to get fancy with it. Just follow these four steps on how to use MMS marketing.

  1. Create promotions and offers that target specific audience members
  2. Offer mobile coupons and deals
  3. Focus on exclusive and unique content only available to subscribers
  4. Develop a more inclusive and engaging customer experience

The simple fact that MMS regularly outperforms other digital marketing efforts, including having a sizable lead in engagement over SMS by 250%, should speak to the potential of this tool. It’s no wonder GaryVee walks around with his phone number printed on a T-shirt. Personal brands, businesses, and organizations should all be taking advantage of these four steps. So let’s dive right in!

Use Targeted Promotions

The competitive edge that digital has over traditional forms of media is a highly selective audience targeting. For instance, Facebook and Google advertising group potential customers into metadata based on web performance and preferences. MMS takes that concept a step further.

Companies that accumulate a sizable subscriber base can sort their contacts into various groups based on their past purchases or actions. This allows brands to target highly particular individuals with custom content aimed specifically at their wants and needs. This goes beyond simply changing the greeting name on an email or SMS. We are talking about launching several multimedia campaigns sorted to target the right people!

A great example of this practice being used comes from one of the premier automobile manufacturers in the world, BMW. They were faced with the arduous task of convincing its car owners to purchase expensive name-brand winter tires. The luxury item would cost drivers on average $750 per tire. This is a tough sell considering off-brand versions would cost them a lot less.

Still, the German auto company was committed. Through a highly personalized MMS marketing campaign, which included images and videos of specific vehicles owned by the individuals being targeted, BMW was able to hone in a staggering 30% conversion rate on messages sent. Not bad at all!

Offer Smart-Coupons

Coupons are a tried and true promotional tool. However, the days of grandma cutting out newspaper sections or your dad forwarding an email with a great offer are long gone. Seriously, who checks their email consistently? Whereas with mobile texts you are likely going to open up any new message in the first few minutes. Plus showing a coupon is so much easier when it’s a QR code on your phone and not an email.

The flexible form of multimedia and the immediacy of mobile messaging allows brands to capitalize in a big way. Companies can send specific offers and mobile coupons to people who want specific products or services at certain times.

Take Pizza Hut, for example. This fan-favorite pizza chain realized that friends and couples start making plans for lunch at specific times in the day. The company so an opening and leaped. Pizza Hut began launching timely and highly targeted messages to hungry customers with images and videos of decadent pizzas. The attached coupon would go on to increase online and pickup orders significantly.

Present Exclusive Content

Not everything that deals with marketing necessarily drives sales. Some promotional campaigns are simply done to raise awareness, strengthen PR efforts, or give back to loyal customers. One creative outlet for brands has been to create exclusive content or host platform-specific giveaway campaigns.

This has especially worked wonders for media-based companies who offer first-look insights. We brought up Gary Vaynerchuk before so might as well focus on him. In recent months the entrepreneur has been pushing his SMS and MMS subscriber growth. He sends unique and exclusive content to people who have texted him, subsequently agreeing to receive messages from his brand.

Gary sends videos of himself, notifying his followers where he is going to visit next, so they get first pick. As one of the foremost proponents of social and digital advertising, Gary has been adamant about his belief in the future of text-based advertising. When one of the initial investors in Facebook recommends MMS, you know you need to jump on it immediately.

Improve Customer Experience

This point goes hand in hand with using targeted promotions. However, it’s important to go over it separately as well, namely because it discusses customer experiences more than anything else. Marketing efforts and brand outreach can at times feel robotic, bland, and disingenuous. This is in part due to the awkward nature of the brand and audience communication. The elephant in the room is that a large company is using software to target you with the hopes that you purchase something.

However, even multi-billion dollar corporations have found ways to make the connection and experience feel more authentic. With MMS you have more flexibility to do so. The tools at your disposal allow you to send targeted material as long format texts, videos, graphics, and images. Whether you’re using someone’s name or saying happy birthday with a cake GIF, MMS marketing gives you the freedom to create a much more friendly and engaging customer experience.

The use of MMS in marketing is still in its preliminary stages but companies are already reaping the benefits. Any brand smart enough to get in on the action today is sure to profit tenfold in the near future. Whether it’s a direct mobile sale or an engaged lead, you are essentially extending your brand reach into the pockets of your audience, and nothing is more valuable than that!

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