SMS Chatbot: Understanding Advantages

May 08, 2019
SMS Chatbot

Customer engagement has always been the driving force behind every successful business endeavor. It helps with customer loyalty and sales. Traditionally this customer engagement has been handled by human specialists (and it still is for the most part) but due to the increasing number of customer inquiries, the process gets rather overwhelming and puts a huge strain on companies. The manpower just is not there to handle all of that communication effectively. Chatbots provide a modern solution to this problem. Chatbots are computer programs that can simulate human-like conversations using the existing database of interactions. SMS chatbots do just that using SMS as a channel of communication. In other words, it’s one of the SMS marketing tools.

A lot of companies have already started utilizing text message chatbots in order to handle customer questions and responses. In principle, it is an ideal way of driving customer engagement without creating any additional third-party software. The advantage of an SMS chatbot is that it takes the human factor out of the equation, meaning it can respond to multiple customers simultaneously as opposed to humans who can handle a single customer at a time. It is both cost and time-effective. The bigger question here that you might be asking is how to create and implement a text chatbot for your business. Let’s skip the “why?” part of the question since the answer by this point ought to be self-explanatory and delve right into the creation process.

To start off, there are two ways you can approach the building process—creating an SMS chatbot from scratch by yourself or using third-party tools for assistance. The key difference between the two of them is that if you are building a chatbot from ground up, you will also need to develop your own scripts that the chatbot will be using. Third-party tools have an existing database of scripts you can use. In either case, you will still need to customize the scripts to better adapt it to your needs. Moreover, with so many applications and services available online that can build a text message chatbot for you and let you host your bot on their servers, skipping the hustle of creating one on your own might be a good idea.

When you are done with creating your chatbot, make sure to thoroughly test it out before implementing it. You need a fully fleshed out and functioning software application before you use it to interact with your customers. An SMS bot that is glitchy or does not respond to customers in an appropriate and relevant manner can discourage your customers from ever using it, thus decreasing customer engagement. Therefore, before delivering the final product, ensure its working stability through a chatbot prototype tool. This will give you an idea of what your finished product will look like and is additionally an opportunity to perhaps improve a thing or two on it.

SMS Chatbot Examples

Having established what messaging chatbots are and how to create/implement them, it is also useful to give some SMS chatbot examples for you to fully grasp what they look like and how they work in general. Here are a few examples from famous companies using SMS chatbots.

  • Sky uses SMS chatbots to mostly conduct surveys among its customers. The following SMS exchange shows a Sky implemented chatbot enquiring whether a customer’s issue was fixed or not.

– Hi, it’s Sky. We would like to check that your fault is now fixed, please reply YES to confirm or NO for more help.
– Yes.
– Thanks for confirming your fault is now fixed. Bye for now, Sky.

  • Operator has developed artificial intelligence to help with customer requests. Using SMS AI bot, they can respond to and help their customers with any issues. The following example shows a customer that searches for a particular product that the bot tries to assist in finding it.

– Can you find me a colorful plant that will do well in a room that gets a lot of direct sunlight?
– Hi Julie! The Bird of Paradise plant is one of my favorites and does really well in direct light. It also has a beautiful array of collars. Let me know what you think.

  • H&M has made online shopping easier via its Kik bot. Customers can use the bot to assist them with their shopping experience. Here is an example of what that exchange looks like.

– Hi! Welcome to H&M on Kik. Let’s get to know your style with a few quick questions! Do you want to see men’s or women’s clothing?
– Men’s.
– Great, let’s get started!! Which one of the following best describes you? (Poll)
– Classic.

These are only a few examples but you get the hang of it. The right SMS chatbot, with a little bit of work, can accomplish any automated task you can think of.

SMS Chatbot Service

Provided you are dead set on using an SMS chatbot for your business, it is now time for you to look for platforms that offer such services. A quick search on the Internet will show you that there are tons of reputable and reliable SMS chatbot builders and apps out there that you can utilize.

These apps give you a lot of benefits and advantages because they have all the necessary features built into them. One of the bigger benefits is that the basic artificial intelligence infrastructure is already there, meaning you have an existing base of data for interactions to build on and improve, rather starting from scratch.

Moreover, the AI bots are programmed in a way that they can learn from all previous and current interactions to improve future interaction with humans. All in all, it is a relatively good deal considering you have a finished product, which improves on a consistent basis, and that it takes no extra resources to create an SMS chatbot of your own.

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