21 SMS Marketing Platforms Businesses Swear By

SMS Marketing Platforms
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Why Do Businesses Need SMS Platforms

These Are The Best SMS Marketing Platforms Out There

With the ubiquity of smartphones, more businesses are using SMS marketing services to reach their target audiences. These SMS platforms offer a variety of features, including the ability to send SMS texts, schedule texts, and track real-time results. Text marketing platforms are also relatively inexpensive, making them a cost-effective way to reach a large audience.

Why Do Businesses Need SMS Platforms

Businesses use bulk SMS platforms to reach out to their customers and promote their products or services. Texting platforms allow businesses to send mass SMS messages to communicate with their customers. Customers can opt in to receive these messages, and they can opt out at any time.

Some businesses use text messaging platforms to reach out to potential customers. They use SMS to send texts, coupons, special offers, promotional material, or exclusive content. This can help businesses increase sales and attract new customers.

These Are The Best SMS Marketing Platforms Out There

1. Dexatel

Dexatel’s SMS platform is a cloud-based software solution that enables businesses to send and receive text messages using their brand name as well as an existing landline or VoIP number. The text message marketing platform includes a web-based interface and a messaging API that allow businesses to manage their contacts, create and send messages, and view message delivery reports. Dexatel also offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which is the best option for small businesses to start without any contracts.

2. Twilio

Twilio provides the ultimate texting platform—it features robust automation and segmentation tools, as well as APIs and connectors to link SMS to any of your workflows, apps, or websites. With the use of a visual workflow builder, you may also link to other channels such as WhatsApp and email for a total omnichannel experience.

3. EZ Texting

EZ Texting is one of the best SMS marketing platforms with over 165,000 clients. Businesses can successfully contact and interact with their mobile audiences thanks to their messaging solutions. You can use dedicated 5–6-digit numbers, which provide unrestricted keyword usage, guaranteed delivery, and affordable messaging costs. Additionally, you may have a 10-digit toll-free number that is specific to your brand.

4. TextMagic

The distinctive quality of TextMagic is its worldwide coverage—it’s what makes it one of the top SMS marketing platforms out there. By using their pricing calculator, you can get a quote for your SMS marketing campaign in no time. Through the validation service and API provided by TextMagic, you may quickly discover any phone numbers or email addresses that are invalid. By doing this, you'll increase delivery and cut expenses.

5. Textedly

Another well-liked text message marketing tool with a number of useful features is Textedly. The finest business texting platforms' typical features, such as mass group texting, two-way messaging, auto-responders, drip campaigns, in-depth analytics, and MMS, are all available here. What makes Textedly stand out as a business SMS platform is its integration with Instagram. It allows you to add a “text us” button to your profile so your followers can easily text you.

6. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is an all-inclusive mass texting platform that offers every standard SMS marketing feature. When using their SMS messaging platform, your URLs are automatically replaced with short bit.ly by their system—down to only 20 characters. Moreover, you may have numerous keywords for your mobile numbers with SimpleTexting at no extra cost. This amount is often capped for base plans on other platforms.

7. ClickSend

ClickSend, one of the best SMS platforms, allows you to take your initial steps into the text marketing field. This becomes possible through a web-based SMS portal or an SMS gateway. You can communicate with one or more contacts using an online SMS gateway.

For both your company and your clients, the experience is enjoyable and stress-free. A web-based SMS portal also allows a seamless connection with virtually any email marketing campaign.

8. UltraSMSScript

UltraSMSScript is an innovative, user-friendly, web-based SMS marketing software. You may install it on your own server and purchase the platform once, or choose a monthly hosted plan to have it hosted by them. This SMS platform is perfect for ad and media agencies as well as brick-and-mortar businesses. UltraSMSScript offers features like two-way messaging, bulk SMS, polls, website signup widgets, contests, SMS bots, and much more—all this at a very small cost.

9. Omnisend

Omnisend provides a great email and SMS marketing service that allows you to seamlessly incorporate the two without additional costs. With channel-level filtering available on Omnisend, you can monitor the effectiveness of your texts. This way, you can easily evaluate the performance of SMS in comparison to other channels and make informed judgments.

10. Salesmsg

For those in North America looking for a great SMS platform provider, Salesmsg is what you’re looking for. The platform makes it possible for companies to have two-way conversations with their prospects, leads, and customers. Using Zapier, Salesmsg enables users to link its features with many other applications. As a result, you get more automation, which provides easier outreach management.

11. SlickText

One of the most reputable industry leaders in SMS marketing, SlickText can help you use text message marketing to grow your business. It has several features that enable you to use the platform effectively, and it functions well on all devices. There are no obligations or hidden costs with SlickText, and you are always free to upgrade or cancel their services. This SMS marketing platform enables you to reach consumers immediately since people respond to texts the fastest.

12. SMSBump

An effective text marketing and automation solution for BigCommerce stores is SMSBump. With the help of this software, you can quickly build marketing campaigns and analyze their success while sending convertible messages using templates. You can also plan campaigns and make last-minute adjustments.

Take advantage of scaleable list growth with appealing pop-ups, branded keywords, and more. Over 90,000 businesses choose SMSBump as their go-to text marketing tool to interact with their consumers.

13. Podium

Podium is a user-friendly text message marketing tool that focuses on gathering customer ratings and feedback. When you ask for customer reviews through Podium, they are shown on your Google page right away since both Podium and Google Business are fully integrated. You may add the webchat widget from Podium to your website. You can ask for payments from customers directly from your inbox—your interactions may indeed be strengthened through text-based invoicing and payments.

14. Klaviyo

With the intention of keeping your consumers happy with your great service, Klaviyo can assist you in obtaining your own toll-free number. Thanks to this service, you may expand your revenue and cultivate commercial ties with your devoted consumers. Klaviyo interfaces with over 200 eCommerce tools and platforms. This SMS marketing platform allows you to welcome people by name, wish them happy birthdays, exchange purchase information for any product, let them know how much stock is left, send brief reminders, and much more.

15. Sender

Sender is your one-stop shop for email and SMS marketing, helping smart organizations expand their clientele and sales while keeping costs down. By utilizing the potential of segmentation, you can send out targeted and relevant marketing by determining who is most likely to purchase now and who needs more nurturing and may be talked to later.

Create effective workflows using the step-by-step automation builder tool to send scheduled or triggered emails and SMS messages. With Sender, you can run evergreen, fully automated revenue funnels that serve your company's needs around the clock.

16. Mobile Text Alerts

You can set up and get the hang of Mobile Text Alerts, a straightforward SMS marketing service, in under five minutes. The tempting feature list gives you access to tools like texting to landlines, auto-replies, MMS, using contact cards, add-on features like international messaging, and many more to keep you up to date with the most effective advertising techniques.

To increase your total productivity, you get integrations with WordPress, MailChimp, ClickFunnels, and more. Not to mention, you have API access, giving you the freedom to create your own integrations.

17. ActiveCampaign

With the help of ActiveCampaign, you can use SMS marketing and text messages to keep your clients interested in your brand. You can implement SMS automation to send reminders, alert agents, and more. Allowing users to enter their contact information will enable you to import or manually manage phone numbers to gather. To ensure efficient operations, schedule the delivery time by specifying the precise day and hour.

18. TrueDialog

TrueDialog is renowned for being inexpensive. They have made the effort to establish direct partnerships with carriers, enabling message savings of up to 50%. For your opt-in consumers, you can quickly and effectively construct bulk text campaigns using flows.

While the TrueDialog UI is simple to use, sometimes it might be challenging to get started. They are aware of this, and to make sure you get the most out of their solution, they walk you through the whole process, from onboarding to using all of the features.

19. Textlocal

Customers that are savvy prefer services like Textlocal, which offers you the ability to send real-time SMS messages to your consumers. Use a bulk SMS service that is dependable, scalable, and one of the finest SMS platforms to improve the customer experience, increase brand recognition, and optimize your messaging. Depending on your market's demands, you can choose to outsource your communications or pay as you go as your contact list grows.

With Textlocal, communicating with customers and keeping track of performance becomes easy. You get a free SMS expert, dedicated keywords, partner accreditation, two-factor authentication, and more with this awesome text marketing platform.

20. ManyChat

Sending text messages to users and making sales are easier with a dependable solution like ManyChat. You can use this SMS platform to send articles, deals, and coupons. Businesses can communicate with clients for free by connecting Messenger or Facebook with SMS and emails. You can also nurture leads and customers with SMS drip marketing by including weekly challenges and monthly newsletters.

21. EngageBay

Improve your bottom line by using EngageBay to promote your goods, deals, and more through SMS marketing. Personalize your campaign, track every reaction in a single dashboard, and send text messages to thousands of recipients.

Among the many attributes that EngageBay has are first and last names, ages, companies, locations, and more. By gathering data and sending SMS in bulk, you may even add them all. Automation workflows include SMS capabilities and sending SMS messages in response to consumer behavior or events such as declined payments, product changes, cart abandonment, promotions, and so on.