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Bulk SMS

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a term particularly strange for people who are not much aware of mobile marketing. SMS, as we all know, stands for Short Message Service, used for instant messages that are sent from one phone and received on another phone.

Bulk SMS is a way of sending an SMS to countless recipients. Basically, bulk SMS service is used for sending these messages to a large number of phones. It allows businesses/organizations to communicate with their clients quickly and effectively.

Bulk SMS is spreading of an immense number of messages for delivering to cell phone terminals. A lot of businesses use it as a marketing strategy to grow their businesses.

Why Choose Bulk SMS?

Let’s have a look at a few cases where bulk SMS would be the best choice for your business:


Information exchange – helps you stay in touch with your client and transfer all the essential information related to the client of the company.


Alerts/reminders – bulk SMS is the best way to send alerts/reminders regardless of their nature. Whether they are emergency alerts that customers or clients should be aware of, non-emergency alerts like the ATM service not being available for a few hours or business hours being changed, bulk SMS will come in handy. It could be anything from a delay due to weather or a changed schedule. The client will rely on your company more in the future if they are always aware of everything.


Promos - to send promotional offers and various incentives so that they don't lose interest in your company/organization. It is very useful in building communication. Also, they are very likely to come back to your company if you treat them well.


Customer coupons - attracting customers has never been more accessible. Through SMS bulk service, you can send messages to your clients and make them happy by offering them incentives and coupons that can light up their day.


Confirm bookings or appointments – If your business schedules appointments, it's an excellent opportunity to impress your clients by bulk SMS. Confirmation messages about the reservations are always useful and make the client take your business seriously.

For availing bulk SMS service, businesses utilize one of the following solutions to send and receive messages; a software, a web application, an integrated SMS API, or a mobile application.

Bulk SMS is sent to a massive audience; hence, it’s significantly less expensive than standard SMS sent from your cell phone. What is more, Bulk SMS is an impressively cheaper strategy for customer correspondence than increasingly common types of promotion like email advertising, which is less effective.

Key advantages:

One of the best things about bulk SMS is that it doesn't require a company with a huge marketing budget. Any decent company can utilize it since it's very affordable.
If your marketing strategy had been built on email marketing, you can still use an SMS API to connect them and get the most out of both channels.
Various organizations from lots of industries across the world find bulk SMS a powerful tool to add to their marketing strategy, no matter the industry. It is useful form banking and finance all the way to retail or hospitality.

How to Benefit from Bulk SMS

Certain messages have time constraints. For example, promos that expire in a few days/hours need to be delivered instantly. For that, we need a service that sends one message to masses on their mobile device where they can skim it. There’s a better chance of customers availing the offers in this way. This also applied to boost sales.

To make your client feel special, you can send a customized message by using bulk SMS service. Getting an individual offer effectively attracts clients. Organizations are using SMS programming, for example, ”merge send” to circulate customized offers. A straightforward “Hello [your name]” toward the beginning of a message shows clients that the business thinks about them, improving the brand picture and client experience.

In order to have an effective marketing strategy, you need to utilize the concept of bulk SMS smartly. Don’t be too annoying for your customers, or they will lose interest in your organization. Give value and receive benefits in return. The best thing about bulk SMS is that it doesn’t need huge investments. You’re good to go even if you’re an entrepreneur, running a very small business and hope to grow but find marketing very expensive. It’s a good fit for any kind of business since it sends the message directly on your customers’ phones, which is ubiquitous in today’s world.