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Bulk SMS service is the only marketing channel that guarantees the delivery of your message to your target audience individually with 100% outreach.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS entails sending a large number of text messages simultaneously. This is a highly practical for reaching out to big groups of people. It is essential to choose a reliable bulk SMS service provider to meet your company goals and objectives.

Why Dexatel?


High Delivery Rates

We reported an SMS delivery rate of 99% during last month, having sent more than 4 million messages per day.


Immense Outreach Within Seconds

Every mobile device has the ability to receive SMS messages—this guarantees that your audience will receive your messages.


High ROI and Conversion Rate

Not only is it cost-effective to send bulk text marketing messages, but it also ensures a 98% open rate on average .


Flexible Customer Segmentation

Have a personalized approach with your recipients. Categorizing them into groups will increase the overall engagement.

How to send Bulk SMS?

Sending bulk text messages with our platform is simple as ABC. Follow these steps or read the full guide here .

Click “Bulk SMS” in your account

Download the sample of Excel document

Fill the required fields with recipient's details

Import your document back to your account

Go next and specify tables

Schedule the campaign if needed

Press “Send SMS”

Messages That Can Be Sent as a Bulk Text

Promotional bulk sms


Most SMS marketing campaigns have a single message to spread across audiences, and promotional bulk SMS is the only way to reach the desired target.

Transactional bulk sms


Transactional SMS messages are practical for companies that need to verify their clients’ identities, send confirmation texts, or track information.

Who Should Use Bulk SMS

If communication is a part of your business operations, then bulk SMS is your go-to channel to minimize mess and bring order to potential chaos.

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Providing Tips

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Urgent Notifications

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Special Offers

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Finance Services

Policy Updates

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Real Estate

New Listings

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Public Sector

Emergency Alerts

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Bulk SMS prices are different for every country. Choose a destination and we’ll calculate the price for you.

One API to Automate it All

The bulk SMS API is excellent for incorporating into your virtual protocol (e.g. HTTP , SOAP, SMTP, XML). It allows you to send automatically triggered text messages from your application. All you need to do is connect Dexatel’s API with your protocol following the steps below.

Log into your account

Click on “APIs”

Press “Add new key”

Type in a name

Click on “Create”

Go to “Documentation”

Send SMS automatically according to our API rules