SMS and Voice services solutions for transactions

The number of transactions which a business conducts every day has increased exponentially over the last few years. Much of this rise is due to the increasing number of consumers who use their mobile devices to complete financial transactions.

Indeed, people deal with thousands of cases where they need to conduct an online transaction. Some of those cases include booking tickets, making vacation rental reservations, shopping online, or making payments to other persons or businesses via payment providers or banks.

More and more businesses now rely on SMS and voice service solutions for transactions. They make the whole purchase procedure easy and comfortable, meantime ensuring the safety of these transactions.

Part of the reason why mobile phones are the most convenient devices for financial transactions is that they are very personal to people. Moreover, there is an increasing tendency for people to maintain confidential information like bank account details, mobile wallets or even car keys on their phones.


OTPs or one-time passwords have become the currency of digital transactions. They guarantee a level of security for confidential information access that no other means has ever reached to. Almost all modern businesses use SMS and voice service solutions for purchases in one way or another.

Dexatel offers SMS and voice services solutions for transactions of any kind, regardless of the size of the transaction or the entity conducting it. Moreover, you can customize our solutions according to your business needs.

SMS is one of the best marketing mediums to reach a widespread audience. Bulk SMS services (which Dexatel offers for a highly affordable price) allow sending a single message to a large audience in a matter of seconds.

Now it’s possible to use SMS solutions for customers’ transactions in several countries as sending bulk SMS has never been cheaper. Regardless of what country your business is located at, you can easily send transactional text messages through Dexatel services.


Dexatel is also an industry leader in VoIP based voice service solutions. Several recognized brands in the telecommunication industry use our voice services to engage with their target audience.

You can also integrate our SMS and voice services solutions for transactions with your existing CRM, lead capturing, or lead generation tools if needed. Our user-friendly API allows you to control the platform from whatever software you have. This makes it more practical if you prefer having everything organized on one platform.

SMS and voice solutions can also be used for non-sales activities. Indeed, these types of activities may soon outnumber sales-based transactions.

Most modern businesses use SMS or voice solutions to send their consumers alerts or reminders. Due to the higher acceptability of SMS, it’s a perfect medium for contacting customers about unfinished checkout processes or other transactions.

SMS services also allow contacting customers for promotional information like personal offers, coupons, discounts, new branch openings, and so on. They have one of the highest engagement rates, meaning that they can benefit your brand short after you have adopted them into your marketing policy.