SMS and Voice Services Solutions for Verifications

Every company needs to have verification services at some point. Especially those that somehow communicate with their clients through their phones must acquire SMS or voice services for verification.

The reason is that during the interaction with their customers, companies may need confidential information like identification document number, financial transactions, and other account details. Thus, companies need phone verification to avoid exchanging confidential information with the wrong people.

SMS and voice are perfect solutions for verifying the phone number of a customer. Although no channel besides face-to-face can ensure an utterly trustful verification, SMS and voice are the closest to it. Mobile phones became an inseparable component in peoples’ lives. Therefore, reaching out to them either by voice or SMS is indeed a secure way of authentication.

SMS and voice are also useful tools for two-factor authentications. Two-factor authentications are mandated by law for particular transactions. It is also a norm to use them in most industries that deal with money.

Banks, online gambling companies, eCommerce shops, and many other organizations that deal with online payments use two-factor authentication to ensure their clients’ financial means are not at risk.

Two-factor authentication reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft. It allows transactions for only the user who has access to the login credentials and the registered phone.

Although voice and SMS are still not completely risk-free, they still provide a layer of security that no other method can. At the end of the day, customers are also responsible for their security (i.e. having their phones and other important data with them).

Trustful Verification Service from Dexatel


Dexatel offers SMS and voice services solutions that can make the process of verification and two-factor authentication extremely easy for your business.

Several established brands already use our SMS and voice services solutions for verifications and have rated us among the best in the industry. You can choose from our pre-defined voice call templates and customize them according to your needs.

Our SMS and Voice services solutions for verification give you access to our API, which offers a range of advantages over other service providers. Several mobile apps also use our verification solutions to verify the phone number of the person as most mobile apps nowadays have an inbuilt option of verifying the number of the installer by sending an SMS or via voice call.

Our SDK allows you to integrate the SMS and voice call verification into your app via code snippets. This will make the process of verification extremely easy for your customers, who will now be able to verify the number with just a few clicks.

Don’t forget that it is in your interest to make every process for your customers as easy as possible. Any additional delays or unnecessary long procedures can harm your business reputation.

Think of it yourself: are the customers not more likely to work with the business that does not create an additional hassle for them? Of course they are. So, do not hesitate to start using voice or SMS verification for their security and your company’s reputation.