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Wholesale Voice Service

Wholesale voice services are primarily used by businesses in the telecommunications industry who provide local or international solutions. Whether you are a reseller or a service provider, your business still requires a high-quality voice service at an affordable price.

Dexatel offers the ultimate wholesale voice service package by providing a single, all-encompassing voice service platform that can help the process of streamlining your network and expansion to new markets. Our network is designed with reliability and high-quality service in mind, and can accommodate any need you might have. All this while maintaining an affordable price.

Furthermore, Dexatel provides a voice origination and termination service (wholesale) as well as international voice termination service.

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What is Voice Termination?

Voice call termination refers to the process of routing a phone call to deliver it to an endpoint with the help of another carrier. After the call is routed and delivered to its end point, it is labeled as being successfully terminated.

What is A-Z Termination?

Wholesale A-Z VoIP termination refers to calls being able to be routed and directed to any destination worldwide, starting from Afghanistan and ending with Zimbabwe.

Wholesale SIP Trunking

SIP trunking eliminates the use of traditional phone lines and replaces it with internet connection for phone system operation. It provides the user with a voice-based IP system that can create high-quality calls.

VoIP SIP termination allows for more flexibility in communication and is generally highly regarded for being cost-effective—it requires no additional expenses as far as maintenance and use of additional hardware goes. Additionally, it gives access to other standard features (i.e. video conferencing).

Difference Between Call Origination and Call Termination

Making phone calls is a two-part process. Call origination refers to where calls are dialed from and it requires a phone number to receive origination service. Call termination, on the other hand, refers to the number/party that is being called and requires no phone number. In other words, termination is when an outbound call has been successfully delivered to the number that was dialed.

VoIP Routes for Sale

As a Voice Service provider, you can buy VoIP minutes and routes directly from Dexatel.