In the era of information, any service-based business has to provide security and privacy for all the customers. Businesses always face many scammers and spammers, which can result in bad customer experience and lead to clients leaving as a result of the poor service you provide.

To diminish the potential of security breach, using SMS verification to confirm phone numbers is a reliable method. It is useful in each and every stage of client lifecycle, starting from account creation and ending with continuous customer relations. With billions of phone numbers existing simultaneously, SMS verification is the ultimate way of verifying client’s legitimacy.

In this article, we introduce you six important reasons why you need SMS verification to ensure security and gain high customer acquisition and retention.

  1. Verify registration

When a new user registers in your website or application, verification via cell phone can be beneficial to identify the user and ensure they are a real person. For instance, if a client downloads an application or registers another account, they will get a special code by means of a transactional message, such as SMS, MMS, WhatsAppFacebook Messenger, or Viber or by means of a voice message to be entered in the application on their mobile phone to finish the client registration process.

  1. Verified upgrades

There are many services and applications that are free to use or download, but offer a free trial before upgrading to a premium version. Thus, verification via a text message with a PIN code is a good option. This will reduce scam downloads.

  1. Password changes

When you log in to a website or application from a completely different device or location, these services detect an alternative IP address. Therefore, they require verification via password changes. And the changes are possible after code confirmation via text messages. For instance, Apple utilizes this procedure to check your identity through your phone number at whatever point a login is attempted from a new, unknown device.

  1. Reactivation issues

While using a service via an application or a website, you may become inactive for a while. And when you decide to go online again, you may need to verify yourself again to avoid scams. This is another instance where your business might need SMS verification.

  1. Update account details

Changes in client’s profile data should definitely be confirmed with a direct text message to the cell phone connected to the account. This way you confirm the changes and that they were authentic. Ensuring that changes were done by the account owner is a fundamental part for every sound security system.

  1. Transaction issues

Keeping consistent communication with customers over transactional issues reduces the chances of making mistakes while providing a service. When a suspicious activity is noticed from a client’s account, a lot of websites tend to send one-time SMS code to a client confirming whether or not they are responsible for said actions. This protects the company from a potential legal liability whereas the customer can be sure their account is safe from malicious activity.

Having established why your business needs an SMS verification system in place for security, you need to find a proper bulk text messaging service provider. One of the better options is Dexatel that offers bulk SMS services at affordable prices.

With this service, you can be sure that your business is safe and sound, and offers a reliable service. This will also provide credibility to your business and boost your business growth.