CRM Marketing: Advanced Guide

Jun 09, 2020
CRM Marketing

CRMs have facilitated all the actions linked with online business and especially the sector of marketing. Collecting leads, understanding their insights, gathering in different segments, and sending personalized emails. These are just a few features of a good CRM system, and in the blog post, we are going to analyze some CRM tools and look at their main features closely.

What is CRM in Marketing?

Yes, a good question with multiple answers. CRM generally is a tool that facilitates the tasks of marketers, salespeople, and all the business people. Here, particularly, CRM provides different means to marketers to analyze, plan, and implement their tactics and strategies.

The tools like email marketing, sales tracking, and lead management are involved in a good system. So, doing marketing has become easy and simple with these kinds of tools that involve every little aspect of the term marketing.

How can CRM be used for marketing purposes?

Different purposes, different marketing tactics. To find out the purposes of marketing, we should count some of them and give clear descriptions as well as taking into account good marketing relationship management.

A customer overview

The best CRM tools provide various information about customers, including their industry, company size as well as some psychological insight like their preferences, and so on.

A well-organized email marketing

There are a lot of great tools for email marketing there, but good marketing CRM also includes up to date features which include personalization and various template designs and so on.

Event management

Just plan and implement your events in the fastest ways possible. After analyzing them with beautiful dashboards created specifically for good user experience.

These are just 3 main purposes of vast marketing notions, and now let’s check some CRM marketing tools and see their usefulness.

Everybody has heard about tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zendesk, and so on. Why are they so popular? It is because of their complete simplified user experience. Business owners and marketers long for tools that would make their lives easier and give real value to their companies. So it is obvious that a good CRM service should provide data, tasks, and communication that are brought together in one central hub.

Here Are Some Great CRMs to Use for Better Business

Dynamics 365 for marketing

Microsoft marketing automation gives clear solutions to its loyal users, though their fee is relatively high, they have several reasons for that.
They try to give full integrated customer journey solutions. It helps you to send the right messages at the right time based on the customer’s experiences.

Just test and choose the right content. Using the A/B testing can clearly define what messages can get a high open-rate, moreover, it helps to create and improve your messaging tactics.

It lets us target the right audience and focus on the highest priority leads by doing some leverage of data of Dynamics 365 customer insights.

ActiveCampaign CRM

ActiveCampaign is a fully integrable tool which helps to connect different platforms and manage from one place. Here are some advantages of ActiveCampaign.

You can integrate more than 280+ tools, including Zendesk, Unbounce, Gmail, Facebook, and so on.

A specially made app for android. It allows managing and creating tasks, making calls, updates deals, and a lot more.

The following tool has very flexible pricing tactics. The minimum (lite plan) is very affordable with only 9$ you can subscribe to their services.

Zoho Marketing

Zoho marketing is a tool that also has a huge client base, they offer unique services to customers and about 3 of them I will talk right now,

  1. The drag and drop feature is a useful tool for creating customer communication paths as well as sales funnels and so on.
  2. Zoho provides a very detailed behavioral targeting of customers. The app understands how clients interact with products and generate ideas about the features that interest them most.
  3. A great lead generation tool. Zoho marketing automation only chooses the best prospects to become their clients as an integrated artificial intelligence system analyzes all the prospects and chooses the right ones.

Sharpspring CRM

Just like other great CRMs Sharpspring also provides diverse and useful solutions to its clients. And here they are.

An important feature that Sharpspring provides is the VisitorID solution. It allows identifying twice the visitors, instead, other CRMs do it only once. It is a great tool for behavioral-based tracking and understands why the prospect clicks the buttons.

Sharpspring offers an opportunity to run a beautiful blog and gives all the required means to develop your website by adding rich and interesting blog posts.

Another feature is readable and actionable marketing reports. This helps to generate custom reports to review the campaign performances and share the information with clients and employees.

Marketo CRM

Marketo is created by Adobe and so it is obvious that the service has great advantages compared to its rivals. And here are they.
With the help of CRM lead management, Marketo engages buyers each step of their customer journey.

A great advantage that Marketo provides is the Adobe Experience Cloud, which helps us now to double our leads and power. Just an interesting trick to make their customers more loyal and engaged.

This is a super easy tool for analyzing your marketing campaigns and understanding exactly how marketing channels generate revenue.

Mautic CRM

Mautic CRM is a very easy-to-use app. Their website and their philosophy are so simple, with no sophistication and complication. Here are some advantages that Mautic provides.

  1. Mautic helps you to do marketing on an individual level, by having complete data about customers. The tool analyzes them and gives clear marketing solutions.
  2. The app gives you an opportunity to have full control over prices and you can change the pricing options and manage it in a simple way.
  3. Mautic is ready to build landing pages on WordPress or Drupal-powered websites. They have a specialized team for that.

How to set up CRM marketing automation.

The first phase is about collecting new leads for marketing campaigns. You just need to put some forms that suggest them leave their emails and contacts. So, this automatically adds to CRM.

The tools help us to gather automatically all information about the segments, therefore, to send them distinct, personalized messages. The following feature is very useful for businesses that have tons of email subscriptions.

CRM helps to build relationships with customers. For example, the system sends automatic hello campaigns to all its users.
Create automatic reminders about some check-ins that you want to do with your email users.

Some marketing automation strategies you can implement with your CRM.

Drip campaign implementation

This is an email automation tactic that takes account of the behavior of email receivers.

Different kinds of emails are created on the way of the customer journey. If an email receiver takes action, for example, visits the website and makes a purchase, then he is considered as a customer and the next email is about another topic which is referred to as existing clients. Messages sent with Drip campaigns have an 80% higher open rate.

Automating team collaboration

As time passes and companies grow, the notion of the collaboration gap appears. Many departments are unable to get information across without information losses. The problem is more vibrant when there are numerous customers. Today with the help of marketing automation platforms the customer information is available to all departments of companies. So, this makes it easy to interact with customers in all the parts of the company.

Just study the best practices in the market

There are some leaders in the market who are used to implementing the newest technologies in CRM software development. Analyzing and finding out their key strategies and the way they do it practically is what we need in reality. There are some questions to be answered clearly.
How often do they send emails? What is the structure of their content? How often do they upgrade their content? DO they take into account the profile of their customer? And many other questions.

So at the end of the article, we need to answer the question. Why choose CRM with marketing automation?

This is a fully integrated management tool with various components that are mixed and presented to users with one easy tool whether it is sales or marketing automation management system. The features include web engagement, email marketing, email engagement, analytics, and so on. Doing marketing has become so simple nowadays due to CRMs with marketing automations.

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