Mobile Marketing Automation: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 12, 2019
Mobile Marketing Automation

Before jumping into what mobile marketing automation is, it would be helpful to get a little background information about mobile marketing and how it came out to be so popular.

Mobile devices are an inseparable part of our lives now. They develop fast and make us adapt to their new features every day. But what is it in those features that drags people in and makes them more interested in them? The answer is that those features make our lives easier or just add some fun there, thus making us more and more addicted to them. In the end, the result is that we can’t live without mobile devices anymore.

Apparently, marketers couldn’t help taking advantage of this endless interest in mobile devices. This created a solid ground for them to find out ways to promote their products and services somewhere inside those mobile devices.

Eventually, they started to do promotions and marketing campaigns for mobile platforms, starting from social media websites to mobile applications. They also came up with sending direct text messages to customers in order to gain more attention and get a better response rate.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

Mobile devices are advancing very fast. This allows them to synchronize with whatever the latest technologies can offer. The latest technologies, in turn, have been striving to automate everything possible.

The goal is to replace human effort with artificial intelligence and other types of computerized solutions. Since mobile marketing develops hand in hand with mobile devices, the automation affected it too.

The result is that organizational tasks that mobile marketing specialists were doing back have now been replaced with automated programs. Mobile marketing automation platforms can do every task now, starting from planning campaigns all the way to targeting audience and placing advertisements.

If an exact definition of mobile marketing automation was to be given, it would be something similar to this: Mobile marketing automation is using computerized platforms and tools to do various tasks related to marketing a product or service through mobile channels.

Mobile marketing channels are many. It makes a marketer’s job very difficult since each one of them is distinctly important. This means that marketers can’t even skip one channel applicable to their products. Mobile marketing automation comes handy here and solves this puzzle, making marketers’ job much easier.

Where and How Mobile Marketing Automation Can Be Applied?

Fortunately for marketers, mobile marketing automation can be applied to every channel. This makes it easy for companies to promote their services by every means possible and get the most out of mobile marketing. You can check out specific examples down here.

Email Marketing

Emails are now integrated into mobile devices in order to make them more accessible and easier to use. For this reason, marketers can now easily use email to promote their services. Even though emails have low open rates, they are free, which makes their ROI (return on investment) higher.

Automation of mobile marketing allows marketers to take advantage of this. They can preset a schedule and send emails according to it. Additionally, automated email marketing platforms like MailChimp and it’s alternatives can develop email plans based on consumers’ actions and try to keep them using the company’s services.

Social Media Marketing

It is pointless to discuss how popular social media is today because the numbers talk for themselves. Most people have social media accounts and it occupies most of their spare time. Of course, marketers couldn’t have missed out on this. However, the tough part here is managing multiple social media accounts and keeping all of the pages functional and active in each one of them.

Most companies create a whole department for social media management. Little do they know that there are tools for automated social media management with various applications. Those applications can make plans for your social media posts and stories, send follow requests to users who show interest in your company’s products and conduct a thorough analysis of user interactions. They can also suggest marketing plans to increase the engagement level of your pages based on previous analysis.

SMS Marketing

Marketers use SMS marketing as a tool to create closer and friendlier relationships with their clients. Text messages are very personal to customers, therefore they have a very high open and response rate. This makes SMS marketing a very popular and effective channel for both transactional and promotional SMS campaigns.

Mobile marketing automation platforms help marketers here too. They can schedule SMS marketing campaigns, keep track of deliveries and responses, divide the database into specific segments, send transactional text messages for account verification and etc. These are time-consuming jobs that require a lot of human effort. Therefore, SMS marketing automation saves a lot of time for marketers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most crucial channels for mobile marketing. There is information about everything on the Internet, so it is fairly easy and quick to look something up. Because of that, every company now has to make sure they appear on the first pages of search engines. The customers hardly ever go any further than that.

There are dozens of great applications that can generate keywords, keep track of website traffic, lead generation and etc. Although those apps are very smart and can conduct complex assignments, there is still a need for someone to keep an eye on them. Nevertheless, they can do most of the dirty work that people had to do before.

For sustainable SEO results, marketers need to focus on numbers of areas of digital marketing - social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and etc. Ensuring that all of these strategies work in harmony, you'll improve your website's visibility.

In-App Marketing

People use different kinds of apps every day, whether it is for video games, social media, news, mobile wallets or something else. Those apps are filled with ads and most of the time users can’t close them, at least for a couple of seconds. Moreover, apps advertise themselves with mobile push notifications too.

Mobile apps are a great platform for promoting products or services. Moreover, with current automation tools, it is easy to keep track of apps that have more users and place marketing campaigns there. Those tools find better display ad opportunities and do a detailed analysis of their effectiveness.

Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms

There are dozens of mobile marketing automation software designed to complete various tasks. They optimize marketer’s job and do all the mechanical work by themselves.

Having automation software is essential for every company. It saves money, time, effort and has a small margin of error. However, deciding which one fits best for a company depends on what its marketing strategy needs are. Below we’ve listed 5 mobile marketing automation platforms that stand out in the market.

  • Localytics

Localytics is a mobile marketing automation platform, which is designed for mobile or web applications. Its distinctive features are thorough analysis of the app’s success and built-in artificial intelligence, which predicts future consumer behavior. It also suggests marketing plans based on the results of the analysis that it conducts.

Localytics also allows you to test your campaigns. It has a very intuitive UI, which makes it easy to add multimedia to marketing campaigns. Since it has a built-in complex AI, it can send push notifications to customers based on their behavior. If they are likely to quit using the app, Localytics AI will try to make them return all by itself.

  • Braze

Braze is an excellent platform for mobile marketing automation that works with artificial intelligence. It can analyze consumer behavior, create patterns and make tactical marketing suggestions. It also analyzes the effectiveness of active or already conducted marketing campaigns.

Braze collects data from user behavior or purchase patterns. It also examines various demographic details like age, gender, location and etc. It targets the audience by emails, in-app or push notifications, and news feeds.

  • PushEngage

PushEngage is yet another great app for push notifications. It works for both mobile and web platforms. Its greatest advantage is that it integrates with popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others.

The platform segments the targeted audience by their frequently visited websites on browser history. It increases the number of push notifications automatically, by which escalating customer interaction.

  • Mention

What makes Mention stand out as a very useful platform is its unique ability to monitor billions of online sources by preset categories. Moreover, it detects web content with more than 40 languages. It gives a straightforward report of what is popular and trendy at the given time.

Mention can help marketers understand the current needs of the market. It can also suggest ways of being in trend. Despite the overload of information that it gathers, it allows marketers to filter the search results and pick only those that are relevant for their needs.

  • Swrve

Swrve is also a smart in-app and push notification automation platform. It gives a comprehensive analysis of customer engagement and satisfaction. It also can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s app and suggest improvements. It’s A/B testing is one of the bests in the market.

Interestingly enough, Swrve offers more than only those features. It can segment the customers based on different criteria as well. Overall, Swrve covers most of the essentials of marketing analysis. Although it is the priciest among all the mentioned ones, its overload of useful features helps to make up for its cost.

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