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Mobile Marketing Companies
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Mobile Marketing Companies That Took Over This Year

Top Mobile App Marketing Companies That Stood Out

We live in an age when it’s just as difficult to market a mobile app as it is to create one. One solution to this is to employ a mobile marketing company that will do the hard work for you across many channels. From social media marketing to launching an Apple Search Ads campaign, mobile marketing agencies can help businesses fulfill their potential.

These companies specialize in reaching app users so they can rank high on search engines. By enticing people with creative mobile content marketing strategies, they drive results and help businesses grow exponentially. And with so many big names on the market offering full services, here are the ones that caught our attention.

Mobile Marketing Companies That Took Over This Year

Moburst Mobile Marketing Agency

Moburst is one of the leading global mobile marketing companies that helps businesses grow with their outreach. Global brands like Discovery, Samsung, Google, and Uber have used their services for app store optimization, video production, and more. With offices in New York City, San Francisco, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, the agency shows no signs of slowing down.


Phiture is a Berlin-based mobile growth consultancing company that offers an abundance of services. Businesses resort to this agency for App Store optimization, performance marketing, user retention/CRM, subscription revenue optimization, and growth consulting. SoundCloud, Spotify, and Vevo trust Phiture’s mobile marketing services. Clients have claimed to see an increase in brand awareness, with the subscribed number improving by 5%.


Mobio is a mobile marketing company that collaborates with the likes of Aliexpress, Lamoda, OneTwoTrip, and Kupivip. From App Store optimization to user retention, Mobio helps companies achieve their mobile marketing goals. Mobio also offers mobile retargeting to help companies earn more from their existing clients.

FIVE, an Endeva Company

FIVE, an Edeva company, is a mobile design and development agency that has worked with Rosetta Stone, Creston, Marriott International, and AccuWeather. The mobile marketing company offers services such as product discovery, design, development, and growth marketing. FIVE collaborates with clients to produce a meaningful effect, whether it’s developing a new product or refining an established one.


An award-winning digital marketing agency, 360i has worked with globally recognized brands such as Ben and Jerry’s, Burberry, and Hyatt. By providing state-of-the-art ideas for business growth, the agency assists companies in capitalizing on trends. These can be in the culture, behavior, technology, data, and business realm. From media planning to data and analytics, 360i excels in every aspect of mobile advertising.


Ampush assists performance marketers in acquiring new users, driving sales, and re-engaging clients on mobile. The AMP platform enables marketers to reach people with savvier, in-feed advertisements. Ampush runs said ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and delivers best-in-class ad purchasing, management, and data.


TextByChoice is a commercial text messaging network that allows for real-time two-way contact between the company and the client. There are plenty of advantages that come with this platform. Some of them include text marketing solutions tailored to every company, guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and opt-ins driven by subscribers for 100% compliance. Not only is TextByChoice affordable, but it also allows you to text back and forth from a phone, email, or browser.

Top Mobile App Marketing Companies That Stood Out


As one of the top mobile app marketing companies, AppAgent is a dedicated and creative marketing partner. The award-winning marketing agency has cooperated with brands like Huawei and Kiwi.com. AppAgent provides services such as organic search traffic, app growth, mobile product launch, and more.

SEM Nexus

SEM Nexus, with a focus on startups, is one of the leading mobile app development companies for good reason. The development process at the agency is systematic and agile in order to keep expenses low and the quality outstanding. Their marketing method is extensive and data-driven, ensuring that you are growing a niche-appropriate and valuable user base.


Zoomd's unique, performance-based advertising platform is committed to assisting marketers and publishers. The software combines over 600 media sources into a single streamlined dashboard. Zoomd saves marketers enormous amounts of money that would otherwise be spent combining data sources by uniting media sources into a single platform. The organization then increases data collection and data insights whilst minimizing the amount of time and money spent.


Headway is a forerunner in programmatic media advertising solutions, uniting businesses and organizations with global audiences. The marketing partner collaborates with industry leaders and cutting-edge technology to identify possibilities that produce company outcomes. Offering customized and targeted advertising campaigns, Headway is where modern advertisers meet to flourish.

Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile is a renowned worldwide app marketing consultancy that has helped launch and grow over 200 apps. The award-winning agency deals with customers ranging from single-territory start-ups to multi-territory worldwide companies. Big names like The Economist, Fujifilm, and Teletext Holidays have relied on Yodel Mobile's services. Their app growth program includes retention and engagement, paid user acquisition, launch marketing strategy, and more.


PreApps assists app companies in launching and marketing their products to obtain millions of downloads and sales. PreApps' trademark programs have helped thousands of apps gain more than 550,000,000 downloads, ranging from first-time makers to billion-dollar apps. PreApps helps you with every step of the process, from successful app release to app store optimization.

App Growth Network

App Growth Network is a four-service app marketing organization that has won several awards. Their services consist of data analytics, CRM, App Store optimization, and paid user acquisition. The marketing firm's clients include Sage Business, Ten Percent Happier Meditation, and Carrie Underwood's Fit52.