Top Mobile Marketing Trends To Know About

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Staff Writer

Published: Mar 29, 2019

Mobile Marketing Trends

Marketers are constantly on the lookout to discover new and profitable channels for reaching out to customers. And with more people using smartphones, mobile marketing is revolutionizing traditional methods and becoming a hot marketing trend.

Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives. The vast majority of people spend a quarter of their entire day on their mobile devices. And when you use text marketing, it allows you to send messages directly into your customers’ hands.

Businesses that adopt mobile marketing into their digital marketing strategy have better chances of ranking high among customers. But the times are always changing—marketing is always evolving. Let’s take a deep dive into mobile marketing trends and how they allow businesses to grow.

Mobile Search Trends

Did you know that mobile devices account for 57% of all organic search engine visits? Meanwhile, 40% of people search only using a smartphone. Google even drove 95% of all US paid search ad clicks on mobile. Here are the current mobile search trends:

  • 88% of consumers searching for a local business on a mobile visit or call the company within 24 hours
  • Three out of four mobile searches trigger follow-up actions
  • 55% of conversions from mobile searches occur within an hour, while 81% of conversions take place within 5 hours
  • 72% of mobile searches refer to the food and beverage industry
  • 68% of mobile searches refer to the healthcare industry
  • News and media, lifestyle, and automobiles account for over 60% of mobile searches
  • 52–56% of users search for travel and retail on mobile devices
  • 42–48% of mobile searches account for real estate and entertainment
  • 39% of mobile users search for financial services

Mobile Video Marketing Trends

It comes as no surprise that explainer videos are on the rise. According to Cisco, video will make up 80% of all internet traffic by the end of 2019. As a result, mobile video consumption is rapidly booming.

Vertical Video

In a mobile-centered world, vertical videos continue to grow. When vertical video was at its peak in popularity, mobile video views only accounted for 14% of all views. By the first quarter of 2018, that number had risen to a phenomenal 58% and showed no signs of slowing down.

In-App Video Ads

We’re already seeing the shift towards in-app video ads. Forrester claims that 78% of all mobile video advertising spending will be in-app during 2020.

Live Streaming Video

With social media features like Instagram and Facebook Live, live video streaming is on the rise. Companies are live-streaming major events, showing off new products, and organizing webinars to establish direct communication with customers.

360-Degree Video

Mobile marketing has leveled up with 360-degree videos that give people an immersive viewing experience. It allows viewers to feel totally involved by exploring every part of the environment on display. They can view up, down, left, right, or back.

Trends in Mobile Advertising in B2B 

We know that B2C companies benefit from mobile marketing, but does the same apply to B2B mobile marketing? The answer is a definite “yes.” Business-to-business buyers spend more and more time on their mobile devices for work. Here are B2B marketing trends that shaped 2020:

Videos and Visual Content

Graphics and videos are engaging means in B2B mobile marketing to entice more clients. The Content Marketing Institute reveals that 54% of the consumers want to see more visual content from companies. You can create amazing virtual tours, video content, and more visually appealing media on your own without any issues to increase customer engagement.

Artificial Intelligence and Hyper-Personalization

Artificial intelligence is breaking into B2B mobile marketing at lightning speed. AI helps B2B marketers understand target audience behavior and adjust their mobile marketing strategy to their needs. B2B companies integrate AI technologies into their mobile marketing campaigns to provide more personalized offers, increase traffic, and boost revenue.

Mobile App Marketing Trends

Mobile app marketing focuses on catering to the needs of consumers through mobile apps. These are the trends that dominated the industry in the past few years and continue to take center stage.


Chatbots made their way into mobile in 2018. The worldwide chatbot market is expected to grow to $118.6 million in 2025.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile commerce has become a preferred shopping method for many people. Consequently, mobile wallets that provide secure encryption are among the top mobile app trends of 2020.

On-Demand Apps

The on-demand app sector is as trending as ever. The revenue of the on-demand app industry was $14 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach $335 billion by 2025.

2015 Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing took a step forward in 2015 when mobile phone users grew over 25% from the previous year. The key trends of 2015 became security, infrastructure, and overall blocking and tackling. The big shift to mobile payments was also an essential part of the 2015 trends.

2016 Trends in Mobile Advertising

The dominance of mobile over desktop became more apparent in 2016. The biggest trend, however, was the increasing volumes of mobile ads. The global mobile advertising market surpassed $100 billion in spending and accounted for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure.

2017 Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing continued to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape In 2017. Location-based marketing became the main trend of the year. Brands started shifting towards location-based marketing since it allowed them to provide relevant content based on a user’s geolocation.

2018 Trends in Mobile Advertising

While video was already a significant part of mobile marketing, it reached its peak in 2018. Video consumption recorded steady growth and became the most consumed form of content across devices. Automatically playing videos without sound leads the mobile marketing industry. Starting a video marketing campaign became one of the best practices in 2018.

2019–2020 Mobile Marketing Trends

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are the recent trends in mobile marketing. Major companies are already using AI to understand the users’ behavior based on previous searches to recommend relevant mobile marketing ads. Augmented reality, on the other hand, allows companies to layer data and computer-generated graphics on top of videos, photos, and ads.