Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Mar 22, 2019
Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real estate agents usually have a lot on their plate. They have to act as a skilled negotiator, professional advisors, sales managers, and marketers. So, any tool like real estate text message marketing that is able to facilitate the heavy workload of a real estate agent and provide effectiveness at the same time, will come in useful.

In this respect, text message marketing serves as an incredibly easy, highly effective, and reliable channel to ease communication with prospective buyers. Real estate promotional messages are an immediate and affordable marketing tool to deliver time-sensitive information. It enables realtors to send bulk messages to clients in a matter of seconds. To sound more practical, we crunched the numbers.

  • Surveys reveal that over 91% of adults use mobile phones, with half of them using smartphones.
  • Meanwhile, texting is the preferred method of communicating for 68% of mobile users.
  • 58% of consumers mentioned they would view a business more positively if they offered SMS capabilities.

Furthermore, the National Association of Realtor 2017 report showed that 62% of all home buyers prefer their agents send property info via text message rather than email or call. All the mentioned data tell the whole story on the effectiveness of text marketing for real estate.

How SMS for Real Estate Marketing Works

How SMS for Real Estate Marketing Works

SMS marketing may seem old school. Yet, the “retro” marketing tool makes an astonishing comeback opening doors to new opportunities. Text messaging has crept into various industries as an effective way to reach targeted leads. Real estate agents are no exception. Promote your brand as a realtor, share your listings, make appointments faster and cheaper by incorporating this channel into your marketing strategy.

Real estate text message marketing is a quick, reliable, and affordable step towards maintaining relationships with vendors, buyers, brokers, landlords, tenants. But first, let’s dive deeper and see how it works.


The starting point of the SMS marketing strategy is selecting a keyword. It should be short, simple, memorable, and unique to your business. Keywords enable people to opt-in for your SMS, simultaneously, permitting you to text your clients in the future. For instance, pick the “House1” keyword for one particular property. When people text “House1” to a mentioned number, they’ll automatically receive a message with all the details about the property.

Auto Reply

Set up automated responses and save time on responding to the clients’ inquiries one by one. Auto-replies are prewritten text messages that your clients receive when they text in your keywords.

Common auto-replies include:

  • Price Updates
  • New Listings
  • Community Events
  • Thank You Messages

and so on.

Mass Text Messaging

You can increase the number of people who see your properties and engage with more people simultaneously by sending mass text messages. The tool allows you to write one message and send it out to an entire list of clients or a chosen segment. Let thousands of people know about your new listings or open house dates with just one tap of a finger.

Scheduled Alerts and Reminders

Send out scheduled alerts or reminders to reduce no-shows and increase attendance. Avoid wasting time waiting for customers who won’t show up. Sending scheduled alerts to your clients enables you to keep your clients up to date on meetings, appointments, open houses, etc.

Examples for Real Estate SMS Marketing

There is one golden rule for SMS marketing: Will I read and reply to this myself?

If your sincere answer is Yes, the chances are high that your targeted customers will do the same. Prior to rushing into sending the message that comes to your head first, take time to think about what you’re actually sending and how it works for you.

The correctly chosen SMS format is a determining factor for providing a high response rate. Send out perfectly structured text messages and see tons of new leads roll in.

You are free to include any relevant info in your real estate text message. Yet, we recommend you incorporate the following key information in your real estate SMS:

  • The Address of the Property
  • Profile and Size
  • Price
  • Your Contact Info
  • Shortened Link to Google Maps and Your Website

SMS Examples for Real Estate Marketing

Here are some real estate SMS templates and scripts that you can implement to increase your response rates: (explore our all text messaging templates here).

  • Hey, “client’s first name’”! What’s the best time for me to call?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hi “client’s first name’”! Since you liked “Home X”, I guess you would like this too. “Home Y details”.

’’Your first name’’.

  • Dear “client’s first name”, I just received your inquiry on “Property X”. Is there any other info you would like me to share about the property?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Dear “client’s first name”, thank you for your request. When is the best time for you to talk about getting your home sold?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hey, “client’s first name”! Would this Wednesday evening work for taking you to a quick tour of a home I picked out for you?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hi, “client’s first name”! Are you still interested in buying a home in the X area? I have a good offer for you!

’’Your first name’’.

Best Text Message Marketing Service for Real Estate

Using the right platform is a big investment in your bulk SMS strategy for real estate. It will empower you to reach potential buyers or renters effortlessly and save you big money. Here is how you can benefit from a perfectly chosen texting software:

  • Initiate a personalized, one-on-one text conversation with clients or renters.
  • Increase attendance and engagement by scheduling timely reminders.
  • Entice new clients with special keywords and calls to action.
  • And all this with affordable bulk SMS price.

So, do not limit your clients to just calling or emailing. Make your agency’s new home listings, price drop alerts links to real estate video tours available for them using our fast and simple texting software for real estate!

Dexatel is an easy-to-use software that includes all the advanced features and tools. It is a big help for real estate agents who want to create fast and easy engagement with their clients.

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