How to Use SMS ChatGPT for Business Messaging

Dikran Seferian
Dikran SeferianContent Writer

Published: Dec 25, 2023


It didn’t take long for ChatGPT to become a game-changer in many aspects of business. One of those aspects is SMS marketing, thanks to its high open rates. And that’s where ChatGPT enters the scene, simplifying a huge portion of a marketer’s business messaging efforts—from the research phase to analyzing customer responses. As a business owner, you can harness the power of ChatGPT to enhance SMS communications, streamline operations, and elevate your messaging strategies to new heights. We're here to show you how.

What Is ChatGPT?

A product of OpenAI, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence technology that generates human-like answers to prompts that users provide. This allows it to carry out conversations and communicate with humans on just about any topic.

The software draws inspiration from the human brain, learning patterns and associating different words and phrases with each other. By using a machine-learning method that refines its conversational language abilities, the AI chatbot improves its human-like responses over time.

In other words, it learns from you the more you use it. All you need is an internet connection and an OpenAI account to get started. For advanced functions, you can make use of the OpenAI API.

Top 7 Advantages of ChatGPT

1. Generates Content on the Spot

ChatGPT whips up content in mere seconds, which otherwise takes time to produce. Suppose you want to come up with a few promotional messages for your new product or service. This tool can draft them for you in no time. Just give it a once-over for any hiccups before making the content public. 

2. Accelerates Your Research Process

ChatGPT excels at providing quick and reliable responses. Just type in your prompt, press Enter, and watch the information roll in. Thanks to its massive knowledge bank covering all aspects of human history, it can provide real-time information for users. It's the go-to choice for finding quick answers about anything, and it's always ready to dive deeper if you want more details.

3. Automates Your Tasks

Note that ChatGPT revolves around an advanced neural network technology that learns and gets better over time. You can train it to handle repetitive tasks, like giving answers to common customer inquiries or translating product blurbs for running efficient campaigns. It can do wonders for your business flow.  

4. Is Scalable

Your marketing needs will naturally grow with your business. That being said, the scalability of ChatGPT means it can be perfect for small businesses and larger enterprises alike. No matter the size of your company, the program will have no problem adapting to volatile marketing demands. 

5. Is Multilingual

If you operate on a global scale, you’ll want your SMS campaigns to be multilingual. The multilingualism of ChatGPT allows you to connect with diverse customer bases, effectively expanding your reach. It eliminates the need to translate your text messages into different languages, enabling you to break down language barriers without any effort on your part.

6. Reduces Human Error

Creating content manually is prone to errors. Chances are, you don’t always have the time to go over what you wrote. This sometimes leads to typos or other mistakes. With a powerful tool like ChatGPT, you won’t need to worry about any risk of errors. Just check the information for accuracy and send the message on its way. 

7. Cuts Down on Costs

Besides the risk of typos and grammatical errors, allocating content creation to your workforce can be resource-intensive. But using AI tools like ChatGPT can save you a great deal of money. Your team can then just review the content—and edit if needed—before sending it out. 

SMS Marketing Pricing

We use a pay-as-you-go pricing model, meaning we charge per sent message. No monthly or sign-up fees. SMS marketing costs vary depending on your destination.

5 Limitations of ChatGPT to Keep in Mind

1. Don’t Convey an Emotional Tone

ChatGPT is devoid of emotions and even consciousness. It’s a chatbot, after all—albeit a really advanced one. That’s why it may misinterpret the context or the emotional tone of the conversation. If you plan to use AI for text messaging purposes, make sure to take this into account. 

2. Can Be Inaccurate

It’s not uncommon for ChatGPT to generate inaccurate, generic, or repetitive content. It doesn’t cite the information and can provide outdated or irrelevant responses. This is the main reason you should review the information before using it. 

3. Can Be Unintentionally Biased

The developers of ChatGPT trained it on data that covers the flaws of human history. Sometimes, its answers will contain biased information, reflecting the prejudices in the training data. The development team is addressing this issue to improve the impartiality of the AI model and eliminate any unintentional biases. 

4. Doesn’t Have Multitasking Capabilities

ChatGPT is great at handling one prompt at a time. But when you ask it to perform multiple tasks, it won’t be as accurate and efficient. This is understandable, considering the technology came out just a year ago and is in its beginning stages.

5. Consists of Dated Information

ChatGPT’s training is limited to data available until September 2021. If you want to access anything beyond that date, you have to manually provide the information in the prompt. The model can’t retrieve any updates or real-time information and only operates within the scope of its training knowledge. 

Using ChatGPT for SMS Marketing Purposes

Make Research a Breeze

ChatGPT is your best friend when it comes to research. The AI will provide you with an answer to any question you may have. If you’re launching a vegan bakery in New York and looking to share a list of unique vegan dessert options, all you need to do is give ChatGPT the details to include, and it will respond on the spot.

Let’s say ChatGPT gave details about six different pastries. Of course, you can ask it to generate more ideas. Either way, you can now include the information in your SMS communications to preview the options your customers can expect. 

Craft Personalized SMS Messages

ChatGPT can help you personalize content based on segmented customer data. If you want to send personalized SMS messages to customers who bought pastries from you last week or tried your new menu item, simply provide a command with criteria like past purchases or time of visit. The more variables you add, the higher the personalization will be.

Let’s take vegan Tiramisu, for example. You can ask a natural language understanding program like ChatGPT to generate attention-grabbing messages tailored to customers who recently tried your Tiramisu. These messages can include a limited-time offer for the same dessert or maybe a coupon for a free drink. Make sure to mention keeping the text message under 160 characters.

Run A/B Testing for SMS Campaigns

Another way ChatGPT texting can come in handy for SMS marketing purposes is A/B testing. You can try out different variables for an SMS message—courtesy of AI. You can change up the content or add or remove a call to action to figure out what resonates with your customers the most. And if you're adding images to your campaigns but don't know what to include, you can ask for image descriptions for inspiration.

Create a prompt asking the program to craft several versions of personalized messages and have the output in seconds. Then, gather performance data from each variation and use the AI model to identify patterns and write more compelling content for mobile communication.

Analyze Sentiment to Get Insights 

You can use ChatGPT to understand how your audience feels about your products or services. Your AI tool can sort customer feedback into predefined categories, allowing you to see areas for improvement. ChatGPT can then conduct sentiment analysis and generate a response to address those sentiments so you can enhance customer satisfaction.

Let’s say a few customers complained about delivery delays. Following the feedback collection, ChatGPT can come up with an SMS copy apologizing for the delay and offering a discount on the next order. Or, you come up with an order tracking feature so users know when to expect delivery.

For sentiment analysis, you can train the AI natural language model to predict sentiment by providing it with a set of positive, neutral, and negative samples to learn from. The program will then come up with a range of sentiment information, like trends, scores, and comparisons.

ChatGPT SMS Messages and Data Security

When you’re using ChatGPT for text message marketing, you must prioritize data privacy. This allows you to ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR and build trust with customers.

To protect sensitive information, avoid using personal data in prompts or AI-generated content. Only use anonymized or aggregated data for model input. Remember to obtain explicit permission from customers before sending marketing messages to their phone number and implement robust security measures.

Establishing clear data retention policies, conducting regular compliance audits, and maintaining transparency with data usage in campaigns are also key.

Best Practices of ChatGPT Business Texting

Ensure Human Oversight

Though ChatGPT can generate great content, you’ll want to have human oversight to ensure the output aligns with your brand voice, complies with legal and ethical standards, and meets your marketing goals. Always review and edit ChatGPT text message content, making sure it resonates with the target audience and maintains consistent messaging.

Test and Optimize

Carry out A/B testing to evaluate the performance of different messages generated by ChatGPT. Analyze metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to pinpoint which messages perform best. Optimize your SMS marketing campaigns frequently based on these insights, refining both the AI-generated content and the overall strategy.

Provide Transparency

Be transparent with your recipients about the use of AI-generated content. Include a brief disclaimer in your SMS marketing messages to inform recipients that SMS content creation involves the help of AI (a simple “AI generated” in brackets should be enough).

This transparency can do wonders for building trust. Customers will likely appreciate honesty and even find the use of AI interesting and impressive. This guarantees a positive AI customer experience and a reliable brand identity.

Mitigate Bias in AI Content

Machine learning technology like ChatGPT can accidentally reflect biases from their training data. To maintain ethical standards, make sure to take steps to reduce bias in your ChatGPT SMS content. This way, marketing messages aren't only accurate but also address diverse audiences fairly, inclusively, and respectfully.