For Hassle-Free Outreach

Personalized mass texting is one of the key tools for delivering high-priority and time-sensitive information to your audience within seconds.

Mass Texting Data to Keep In Mind

292 Million

people in North America use text messages—that makes up 80% of the total population


of consumers prefer businesses to contact them through text messages


The average click-through rate of SMS messages, whereas email is only 3.4%

What Is Mass Texting ?

As the name suggests, mass texting is the process of sending text messages to a large number of people at once. To accomplish this successfully, you need special software or a marketing agency to help you with the task.

Is Mass SMS Legal?

While mass text messaging is by no means illegal, it is heavily restricted. Therefore, it’s highly essential to follow messaging regulations and best practices. For example, you cannot text a person registered in the National Do Not Call Registry.

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Texting Best Practices
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SMS Regulations

Mass Texting for Businesses Why You Should Use It?

Mass SMS service is cost-effective and produces high ROI. Text messaging offers a free setup process and low running costs with instant deliverability.

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Best Mass Texting Service Why You Should Choose Dexatel?

We offer a number of key features—besides affordable pricing—to help you choose the right mass text messaging service.

Platform + API

Sign up and start sending mass text messages to your customer list by uploading it as an Excel file or inputting manually.As an enterprise, you need to integrate our programmable messaging to your CRM. Luckily, our flexible API automates it all for you.

Mass Texting Service

Ready-Made Templates

One of the easiest options for sending messages is having templates at your disposal to help you get your job done faster. We suggest using text message templates in your campaigns for a swift experience. Keep in mind that when sending mass texts, start with templates that are based on best practices.

Mass text Ready-Made Templates

Audience Segmentation

Individual approach is an important factor to take into account. Therefore, make sure you know what kind of messages you’re sending to whom. Our platform makes it an effortless task to create and manage different segments via tagging. This helps avoid sending irrelevant messages to your customers.

Audience Segmentation

Two-Way Messaging

Providing the option to stop receiving messages is a feature that many customers desire. In other words, you have to give people the chance to opt out. However, this necessary element of customer care cannot work without two-way messaging, meaning the user has to type something back to leave the conversation.

Mass Texting Service

How to Send a Mass Text?

The Dexatel platform provides you with free test credits on your balance to test it out.

Check out our step-by-step guide to send your first campaign with our platform.

Sign in to your account

Click on SMS > Campaigns

Choose from ready-made templates or write your own

Add different variables to personalize automatically

Upload the list of contacts

Click on "Send" or schedule for later