Determining which communication channels are better for specific promotional messages can be a tough challenge for any marketing specialist. With the advancement of email and text messages, marketers technically can reach any customer in any market. Deciding which of these communication means to use is important for marketers. It allows them to record consumer behavior patterns for specific customers.

Which marketing channels to deploy vastly depends on what users prefer most. There are two proven methods of message marketing: email and SMS.

First Transactional Email

Sending a welcome message is always a nice touch every time a new user visits your website or signs up in your app. These kinds of messages enhance the user experience and give a positive first impression about your website.

When the welcome message comes as an email, the advertiser then gives the client a chance to choose their most preferred means of communications and frequencies of messages they will get. These kinds of messages make sure that the start of client-business relationships is promising.

One example of making a good use of messages in marketing is automated email advertising. It allows to send ad messages to customers automatically, whereby building an environment of dependability and trust with new customers. With these relationships established now, emails can be sent automatically and make the business administration much better.

When the company sends the hello message through SMS rather than email, it can have significantly different results. Text messages are undoubtedly more effective in maintaining the customers than emails. According to Gartner, email messages have 20 percent open rate, whereas the open rate of text messages is as high as 98 percent. Similarly, emails have around 6 percent reaction rates, yet text messages have up to 45. However, regardless of the fact that text messages are more effective, the advertiser still needs to carefully design the content of the message. At the end of the day, the intention of these messages is to trigger client’s interest in the company.

Notifications and Promotions

Notifications, updates and promotional emails are part of any marketer’s job. Providing the customers with all the new information (i.e. new releases, discounts) can drag more customers into your company.

According to VentureBeat, notices, warnings or informative messages build a much stronger bond between the client and company. For example, Pinterest users receive a warning email when somebody else shares their post. The email suggests them to click on a link and see who that user was. In addition, it may offer extra security tools for more confidentiality. This kind of action ensures more customer engagement and better customer satisfaction on Pinterest.

As per VentureBeat, notice, warning, and informative messages mentally remunerate the client when they utilize the administration or item. For instance, when a client has a Pinterest post shared by another client, they can get a warning email enlightening them regarding it in close continuous, inciting them to navigate on the email connect to see who shared their substance.

Similar notices can be sent through text messages, which will even make the overall company commitment much better. With the high open and reaction rates of SMS, advertisers can get new clients anywhere and anytime. Those text messages may also serve as reminders for some appointments, events or activities. SMS updates can also do various other things, such as keeping the customers schedule planned, informing them about schedule changes and connecting with them to make sure they will return once more. With the help of SMS API, businesses can send customized messages to specific customers, especially those who are crucial for the company’s development.

Marketing Strategies

SMS and email messages can enhance both the client experience and the relationships between the business and client. The best part is that they make the company workers’ job much easier, so they can concentrate on something more important. Clients, especially the more loyal ones get used to receiving text messages and sometimes even start appreciating it. Receiving important notifications and useful informative messages they appreciate the service provided for them. In case you want to reinforce your client-business relationships, SMS and email messaging can go further than mentioned above.

When you have determined what could work best for your message delivery, it is time to act. There are bulk SMS services that can help you with that. Just make sure to have a strategy specifically for your customers to boost your business sales.