Meet our authors, the driving force behind Dexatel's blogs. Explore the diverse voices and expertise who craft the content that keeps you informed.

Anahid AkkamAnahid AkkamContent Manager

Anahid Akkam is a content writer and journalist who has been writing for almost a decade. She has written extensively on a wide range of topics, ranging from cloud communication and literature to lifestyle and marketing.

Diana NersisyanDiana NersisyanProduct Owner

Diana Nersisyan is the Product Owner at Dexatel and has been an integral part of the team since 2017. An expert in her field, she is responsible for determining clients' needs to see which features to include in the product.

Dikran SeferianDikran SeferianContent Writer

Dikran Seferian is an avid writer with years of experience in writing about topics including eCommerce, cloud communication, technology, and more. Besides writing, he also enjoys reading, hiking, and astrophotography.

Staff WriterStaff Writer

Dexatel has a team of talented writers who bring a wealth of expertise to their pieces. While they have chosen to remain anonymous, their passion for technology and communication shines through in every piece produced.