What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is one of the most advanced branches of marketing. More companies now start taking advantage of the great potential that it has. The number of people who own a mobile device increases every day. Almost everyone now has a smartphone. This creates a solid ground for marketers to reach out to them by their mobile phones.

One of the most effective means of communication with clients that mobile marketers use a lot is text message. It is the oldest means to market a product or service in a cell phone too. Text messaging helps marketers create powerful and effective advertising campaigns.

So how to use SMS Marketing?

If you want to use SMS marketing as one of the main marketing channels for your business, it is important to have a database of phone numbers. This is especially easy when you are a telecom operator since you already have all of the phone numbers. Other businesses can get those databases from network providers or third-party lead generators.

You can also ask your customers to fill up a form where they would enter their phone numbers. When you do this, it is crucial to let them know that they will be receiving text messages about product updates, promotions or for similar occasions. Without doing this, they will show disrespect to the customers’ privacy since the phone number is very personal for most of them.

Once you have a database of your prospective clients’ phone numbers, you need to have a dependable software that can send bulk text messages without a hassle. This is important because otherwise you’ll have to type the numbers manually, which can take forever. Besides this, the software can divide different segments of clients and send them messages separately.

Planning is another critical component for SMS marketing. You always need to plan what to send, who to send and when to send. The content has to be short and on point. Make sure your customers can understand your message. This is tough considering that you are limited to 160 characters.

Depending on what you sell, either you might need to avoid abbreviations and casual tone or go for it and be friendly. In general, organizing a decent SMS campaign is not that easy. However, it is worth the effort with its high effectiveness.

Who can help you with SMS Marketing?

Since technology is advancing very fast, you have a wide choice of tools that can help you with SMS marketing today. All you need to do is choosing the most suitable one for your business. We offer you Dexatel, which offers SMS Hubbing service.

Why do we think it stands out among others?

That’s simple: you get the maximum number of features with a bargain price. What is more, Dexatel SMS service supports standard protocols and is fully compliant with GSMA recommendations.