How To Grow Your Business With an SMS Marketing Strategy

SMS Marketing Strategy
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SMS Marketing Strategy Tactics to Boosts Business Growth


As one of the most effective channels, text marketing allows your business to grow at a faster pace. A well-planned SMS marketing strategy enables you to directly reach your target audience, raise brand awareness, and stabilize customer loyalty. Basically, SMS has a high return on investment (ROI) that’s affordable and conveys your company’s message to customers.

The efficiency of an SMS marketing strategy is linked to the increasing use of mobile devices. Statista reports that 62.9% of the world uses a mobile phone, 98% of which open all SMS messages. To elaborate even further, users open 83% of SMS messages within three minutes. In comparison, customers open only 24.79% of emails.

A well-thought-out SMS marketing plan increases brand awareness and attracts more customers. It also establishes loyalty, especially if you keep actively communicating with them. Keeping in mind the vast number of mobile users, there’s no denying that SMS is your direct link to customers.

Being aware of text message marketing is one thing; mastering best practices to reap the benefits is another. Creating an SMS marketing or bulk SMS strategy with well-thought-out tactics immensely boosts your business growth.

These are only a few of the attributes that make SMS marketing the most convenient and affordable tool for delivering your business messages. And if you’re still not sure how to grow your business, here are best practices of SMS marketing tactics that ensure growth without breaking the bank.

SMS Marketing Strategy Tactics to Boosts Business Growth

Make It Relevant and Personalized

It’s no secret that people pay more attention to messages that are personally addressed to them. Otherwise, they most likely think of it as spam. This alone shows the importance of sending more relevant and personalized text messages. Base your SMS campaign texts on gender, age, location, activities, or your target audience’s preferences to build long-lasting customer loyalty.

Keep Your Message Brief and Clear

Cutting long marketing texts into short and clear messages is a sign that you value your customers' time. Not only that, but short text messages cut straight to the chase and get straight to the point. Ideally, a brief SMS message has a maximum of 160 characters, or else the message is split into two. Respect your customers’ time, be direct and straightforward, and watch your business establish a great relationship with your customer base.

Include a Clear Call to Action

Why are you sending SMS text messages to your customers? What exactly do you want your customers to do after reading your SMS marketing message? Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter or attend the grand opening of your new branch? Or perhaps you’d like to provide coupons for your new clothing line or ask for feedback on customer service?

Whatever it is you want your customers to do, you must include a crystal clear call to action. Guide your customers to take action with an obvious CTA in your message telling them what to do. Make sure your call-to-actions are powerful and goal-oriented. A well-structured SMS marketing plan can provide an 8% conversion rate compared to 2% for email.

Add Value to Your Interaction With Customers

Take total advantage of SMS marketing services to create value for your customers. Text messaging does not necessarily have to be about selling a product or service. You can sell value too, which makes your customers feel important and appreciated.

For instance, you can send out personalized discount offers on a customer’s birthday or provide helpful tips via SMS. Not only will this kind of SMS marketing campaign make your customer feel seen, but it also leads to customer loyalty and boosts your business growth.


Having a good SMS strategy guarantees consistent, rapid, and affordable business growth. Therefore, it only makes sense to use the potential of a powerful marketing channel. It's true that social media is just as powerful of a marketing method; however, SMS benefits your business in different ways.

Businesses of all sizes can use SMS marketing to reach out to their customers and prospects. SMS marketing is highly cost-effective with a proven high open rate—it doesn’t get better than this.