SMS offers one of the most untapped opportunities for marketers interested in disseminating their marketing message to a large audience at once. Text messages themselves are one of the most personal channels of communications for people, which adds some extra practicality to it.

With technological advancements in telecommunications technology, it has now become possible to send bulk SMS text messages to an audience of thousands or hundreds of thousands spread across several countries or continents at once, at a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels.


Text messages are ideal for marketing purposes due to several factors. The range of advantages that SMS marketing offers include but are not limited to:

Ease of use - SMS marketing platforms are easy to operate, navigate, create various campaigns, and whatnot. Even if you have no idea how it works, a couple of video tutorials combined with the customer support help will be more than enough.
The nature of SMS - text messages have become one of the most personal and convenient channels of communications for people. It can help to get as close to your customers as possible, which, in turn, increases brand loyalty.
Affordable Pricing - SMS marketing is one of the most affordable channels to advertise your product. Affordable pricing is especially beneficial for startups or small businesses, who want to acquire new clients meantime spending as little as possible.

Millennials prefer SMS or text messages over other marketing channels and are highly receptive to marketing and promotional messages sent via SMS. For them, businesses that connect with them through text messages appear to be more trustworthy.

Higher Response and Open Rates

Statistically speaking, promotional text messages have around 98% open rates, as compared to emails that have only around 20%. This number is logical, considering the abovementioned advantages, for which people prefer SMS over email.

By the same token, text messages also elicit far higher responses from recipients due to the ease of reply inherent in text messaging. SMS response rates vary from 25-40%, whereas promotional emails get only 4-6% responses.


You can easily integrate SMS within your overall marketing strategy, as text marketing can be used to complement your offline and online marketing efforts. Most marketing software nowadays give you the ability to integrate your SMS marketing campaigns with your marketing efforts across different channels.

If you need to integrate text marketing software into your CRM or other systems, you need to look for a provider that offers API integration. Integrating an API software into your platform can combine the power of SMS marketing with your existing marketing channels.

Widespread Use

Today, various industries successfully utilize SMS marketing and get the most out of this productive channel. Due to its multifunctionality, there is no single standard purpose to use for it.

Some of the industries that have adopted SMS marketing and utilized it successfully are:

  • Ecommerce
  • Non-Profits
  • Real Estate
  • Consultancy Salons
  • Cafes
  • Pizza Shops
  • Night Clubs
  • Real Estate Marketing and Creative Agencies