SMS marketing is one of the most popular ways of reaching out to customers. Before you start sending messages like crazy to more and more people, you may want to look at some of the features of SMS marketing that ensure the best results. SMS marketing, like any other marketing, needs good planning and strategy. Do not spend fortunes on your marketing without planning ahead! SMS carriers and SMS transit providers are aware of these basic features. Your task is to select the best SMS quality provider!

  1. Send messages to customers only if you are authorized to do so

You are risking opt-outs if you do not get prior authorization from customers to receive SMS messages. Receiving SMS messages that you have not signed up for may be annoying. The first thing the customer does, in this case, is to delete the message. Sending SMS messages to those who have opted in is also beneficial for your business because only those who have a real interest in your business receive the messages. Make sure that your SMS carrier keeps up these regulations.

  1. Watch your timing

Every SMS is opened in within minutes. Do not think that a customer will open your SMS later during the day. It is very important to understand the preferences of your customers. When are they most likely to be in a buying mood? The answer to this question depends on the type of business you are running. For example, if you are a restaurant, it is preferable to send SMS offers close to evening hours or during the day. Research your customers’ interests and use the best time to make the offer.

  1. Always give the chance to opt out

Your customer must always have the chance to opt out if they want to. This builds your business credibility and customer trust. For opt-out option, you may write “Reply STOP to opt out of BUSINESS NAME” alerts.

The SMS messages that do not have an opt-out option violate spam regulations.

  1. Frequency is important

You may want to consider not only the timing of SMS messages but also how frequently you send messages to your customers. Receiving too many messages frequently may be annoying for them. They also want to see some benefits in being your loyal customer. So it is a good idea to incentivize those that have stayed with you for a long time. You also do not want to stay inactive for long periods because your customers might start forgetting about you.

  1. Use SMS automation service

There are some notifications that you do not want to miss, like birthday greetings or alerts. The best way is to use SMS automation service to reach out to your customers on special days. Customers like personalized messages and anything that makes them feel special as a loyal customer. Automation service is the best way not to miss these special occasions!

  1. Real-time SMS reporting

To build a prudent marketing strategy, you need to think not only about who and when to send messages but also to analyze the response rate. Try to analyze which customers reacted to which messages, how they reacted, what the best response rate was, etc. SMS providers deliver analytical information on customer behavior in graphs and charts. This can serve as baseline data for your future marketing strategy.

  1. Your content must be easy to read

SMS messages are limited in characters and you want to be careful about what to write to reach the most customers. Personalized messages are the best way to get into the private space of the customer. Your message should be short. Yet, it must convey the most important information you want your customer to know. Do not forget to provide contact details for further inquiries.


SMS marketing is a great way to reach out to new customers and expand your business. With the right marketing strategy, you are in a position to develop your business and see revenues rising. Since users opt in to receive SMS messages, you are most likely to reach the most interested customers. The messages are instantly delivered and the customers receive the most up-to-date information about your business.

SMS is highly interactive and you can keep in contact with your customers. Moreover, you can keep track of customer behavior and build your marketing strategy based on this valuable information.

Do not forget! SMS messaging is not a TV or a radio ad! It cannot be repeated over and over again. Your wording is important in conveying your desired message.

Your job as an SMS provider is to ensure that you understand your audience and what exactly attracts them to the products or services.
As a business, you need to choose the best SMS quality provider that offers the basic features of SMS marketing and some more.