SMS Marketing

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What is SMS Marketing: How Can it Help?

SMS marketing (Short Message Service Marketing) which is one of the many mobile marketing channels, is the process of sending promotional text messages to a target audience. SMS marketing mostly delivers messages on latest updates, time-sensitive offers, product launches, alerts, notifications and any other form of promotional information. With a simple click, mobile text marketing can reach a large number of potential customers. It therefore comes as no surprise that successful businesses regard text message marketing as a proven marketing tool to increase revenue and build customer loyalty. It is worth noting that up to 98% SMS messages are opened. This gives a well-planned text message marketing campaign a relatively high open rate compared to email marketing.

Top 3 Advantages of SMS Marketing

High Conversion Rate

Though it may seem a little surprising, SMS still is leading the game and has a high conversion rate. Clients are more willing to take actions on offers and promotions through SMS than via other marketing channels like emails and so on.

It is Inexpensive

SMS messages are a very affordable option and bulk SMS service is the key. This allows businesses to reach out to thousands of people in an instance. Compared to other channels of marketing, billboards, television ads, mobile ads, SMS marketing is a budget-friendly option with a greater audience reach.

Large Reach

In 2020, there are already 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world. The average smartphone user checks their devices 63 times a day. Here are the facts that prompt us about the vast market of smartphone users that is totally reachable.

Top 3 SMS Performance Statistics

SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than the ones of phone, email, or Facebook. And it does not matter whether it is a personal or a business message. SMS messaging completely leads the competition.

90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. Catch your customers right away as 9 out of 10 people will read your message at the spot and be aware of your promotions.

75% of Consumers are willing to receive promotional material via SMS. This is a proven fact that users would primarily check their smartphones to see the latest promo instead of checking other channels like emails.

Top 3 SMS Usage for Marketing

Sales Promotion

Boost your marketing efforts with right targeted sms promotions. Informing them about your latest sales is a perfect way to make a quick conversion.

Discount Coupons or Vouchers

Many companies offer interesting one time promo offers that can be adjusted to your messages. This is the simplest and fastest way to deliver promo codes since mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than the traditional paper option.

Product Launches

Use SMS messages to launch your new product. SMS provides higher open rates, easy linking to mobile sites, app store(s). And eventually you can personalize messages if there is enough data.

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SMS Marketing Best Practices

Ever since mobile phones became popular, SMS has been a significant marketing tool. With almost three decades worth of marketing practice under its belt, there is enough material out there to identify some of the best practices of SMS Marketing. Here are the things that you should keep in mind when designing an SMS Marketing strategy.


The most important part of business SMS marketing that should never be overlooked is customer consent. Every single text campaign starts as soon as a customer gives an agreement to join your list. And there are specific laws in many countries that clearly regulate these practices. Said laws, in general, impose rules such as customer consent prior to the message marketing campaign. In addition, they have exact time slots when you can send SMS campaigns and require an easy opt-out process.

This ensures that customers—or people for that matter—do not receive spam text messages.

Regardless of where your campaign is, we recommend checking the rules or regulations of SMS marketing laws in that jurisdiction. So, here they are:

Privacy and Data Protection

The law is meant to improve the security of storing and transferring customer data.

Consent to SMS Marketing

A consumer has to provide consent by opting in to receive SMS messages from you or your company.

Message Content

The SMS marketing law states that the content of marketing texts must be appropriate, deprived of offense and harm.

How to Start Using SMS for Marketing

Choose the Right Software

Right software will make all the hard work for you. Just put down your number list and texts, and the rest is our problem. Dexatel provides the fastest and the most affordable tools to promote your campaigns

Get Permission

You should only send text messages to people who have given you the permission to do so. This is a well-known etiquette and is called permission based marketing.

Segmentation of Your Contacts

Do not send the same message to all your recipients, but divide them into diverse groups by targeting with special texts. This is just one of the ways to have a successful promotional campaign with Dexatel.

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