SMS Marketing Service

Secure Higher ROMI

Amplify your SMS marketing by adding a personal touch to any message—send relevant text messages catered to each customer and every intent.


of promotional SMS messages are seen within 3 minutes


of text marketing recipients click on links in SMS messages


of phone users claim that SMS is an attention grabber


One of the many mobile marketing solutions, SMS marketing (Short Message Service Marketing) is the process of sending promotional text messages to a target audience.

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It is Affordable

Pay an average of $5 per 1000 sent messages

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Faster Implementation

It only takes five minutes to launch your first SMS marketing campaign

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Timely, Relevant Messages

Your customers check their mobile phones on average five times per hour

Trending Use Cases of SMS Marketing

Our SMS Marketing Platform is

SMS Marketing Service

We are TCPA, HIPAA, PSD2, GDPR, PDPA compliant

Industry-based solutions

You get custom SMS marketing strategy suggestions

SMS marketing solution

Customers have the option for an easy opt-out

Use Automated SMS Marketing for Optimal Results

Implement our flexible API to take advantage of automated SMS marketing

Why Dexatel?

Benefit from effective text message marketing services

Our platform automatically suggests eBooks, guides, and other helpful information based on your location, industry, and target market.

Have an omnichannel communication platform

Our omnichannel solution covers all your SMS marketing needs to help you reach out to your customers through their preferred channels.

Choose the right channel with advanced analytics

We implement advanced analytics that allows you to track the highest-performing channels, templates, hours, and more within one simple interface.

How To Use SMS Marketing Services

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SMS Marketing Pricing

We use a pay-as-you-go pricing model, meaning we charge per sent message. No monthly or sign-up fees. SMS marketing costs vary depending on your destination.